2010-04-20 Piotr Jaroszyński[uri] Special case NULL in churi() master
2010-04-20 Piotr Jaroszyński[uri] Fix NULL dereference in parse_uri()
2010-04-19 Thomas Miletich[eepro100] Remove link-state checking
2010-04-16 Piotr Jaroszyński[util] Hide an expected error from the 'which' command
2010-04-16 Piotr Jaroszyński[build] Look for isolinux.bin in more places
2010-04-16 Bruce Rogers[drivers] Fix warnings identified by gcc 4.5
2010-03-26 Piotr Jaroszyński[build] Add support for local configuration files
2010-03-26 Michael Brown[pxe] Remove pxe_set_cached_filename()
2010-03-23 Michael Brown[pxe] Avoid potential interrupt storms when using share...
2010-03-23 Michael Brown[netdevice] Record whether or not interrupts are curren...
2010-03-23 Michael Brown[netdevice] Add netdev_is_open() wrapper function
2010-03-22 Michael Brown[phantom] Update interrupt support to match current...
2010-03-17 Marty Connor[igb] Add igb driver
2010-03-17 Marty Connor[e1000e] Add e1000e driver
2010-03-17 Marty Connor[e1000] Update e1000 driver
2010-03-17 Michael Brown[iscsi] Disambiguate some common authentication errors
2010-03-12 Stefan Hajnoczi[vxge] Add stub vxge.c file so bin/vxge.usb can be...
2010-03-04 Stefan Hajnoczi[fnrec] Add function recorder for debugging
2010-03-04 Stefan Hajnoczi[build] Disable ccache for embedded.o
2010-03-04 Marty Connor[misc] Remove accidentally commited .dotest directory
2010-03-04 Stefan Hajnoczi[build] Disable ccache for embedded.o
2010-03-01 Daniel Verkamp[comboot] Match version strings to SYSLINUX style
2010-02-24 Masroor Vettuparambil[vxge] Add support for X3100 series 10GbE Server/Storag...
2010-02-24 Stefan Hajnoczi[undi] Ensure only one UNDI instance is loaded
2010-02-22 Danny Volkind[iscsi] Fix interoperability with QNAP TS-639Pro
2010-02-13 Stefan Hajnoczi[util] Detect genisoimage as mkisofs replacement
2010-02-13 Itay Gazit[hermon] Change hermon_alloc_icm() to conform to Connec...
2010-02-04 Marty Connor[shell_banner] Avoid printing Ctrl-B prompt if BANNER_T...
2010-02-02 Marty Connor[release] Update version to 1.0.0+ post release
2010-02-02 Marty Connor[release] Update version to 1.0.0 for release v1.0.0
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[proto] Remove unsupported NMB protocol
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[proto] Remove unsupported IGMP protocol
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[proto] Remove unsupported NFS protocol
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[proto] Remove unsupported FSP protocol
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[prefix] Remove unsupported ELF prefices
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[prefix] Remove unsupported .exe prefix
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[prefix] Remove unsupported .com prefix
2010-02-01 Stefan Hajnoczi[prefix] Remove .bImage in favor of .lkrn
2010-01-27 Joshua Oreman[http] GET / if URI doesn't contain a path
2010-01-27 Joshua Oreman[uri] Handle an empty unparse_uri() result properly
2010-01-26 Marty Connor[release] Update version to 1.0.0-rc1+ post release
2010-01-26 Marty Connor[release] Update version to 1.0.0-rc1 for release v1.0.0-rc1
2010-01-25 Stefan Hajnoczi[rtl818x] Remove broken mmio register support
2010-01-25 Stefan Hajnoczi[natsemi] Convert stray mmio readl() to pio inl()
2010-01-24 Shao Miller[pxe] Introduce PXE exit hook for NBP chaining
2010-01-21 Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Keep multiple DHCP offers received, and use...
2010-01-21 Bernhard Kohl[pci] Save and restore PCI command register
2010-01-20 gL2n30Y06arv2[ftp] User and password URI support for the FTP protocol
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[uri] Decode/encode URIs when parsing/unparsing
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[settings] Add automagic "netX" settings block for...
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[prefix] Add .xrom prefix for a ROM that loads itself...
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[config] Make PXE stack a compile-time option
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[pxe] Support cached DHCP packets in .kkpxe images
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Add generic facility for using cached network...
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[pxe] Separate parent PXE API caller from UNDINET driver
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[linker] Add safe weak symbol macros
2010-01-19 Marty Connor[contrib] Add README file to rom-o-matic
2010-01-18 Stefan Hajnoczi[tftp] Abort requests with error code 0
2010-01-18 Thomas Horsten[tftp] Make TFTP size requests abort transfer with...
2010-01-17 Marty Connor[contrib] Add .hrom format to rom-o-matic
2010-01-17 Marty Connor[contrib] Add rom-o-matic to contrib
2010-01-17 Marty Connor[contrib] Move most contrib content to a separate repos...
2010-01-15 Stefan Hajnoczi[sanboot] Prevent leaking a stack reference for "keep...
2010-01-15 Stefan Hajnoczi[tftp] Remove unnecessary delay when opening a connection
2010-01-15 Stefan Hajnoczi[tftp] Allow fetching larger files by wrapping block...
2010-01-14 Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Assume PXE options are in DHCPOFFER only if...
2010-01-14 Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Accept ProxyDHCP replies of type DHCPOFFER
2010-01-14 Thomas Miletich[skge] Note correct author of akge driver
2010-01-14 Marty Connor[skge] Add driver for skge NICs
2010-01-14 Thomas Miletich[3c90xutil] Update bromutil.c and cromutil.c.
2010-01-14 Joshua Oreman[util] Add utility for generating diffs...
2010-01-14 Joshua Oreman[makefile] Allow .sizes target to work with funny-named...
2010-01-14 Shao Miller[dhcp] Append new DHCP options versus prepend
2010-01-14 Shao Miller[dhcp] Ensure message type is first DHCP option
2010-01-14 Joshua Oreman[prefix] Add .hrom prefix for a ROM that loads high...
2010-01-14 Glenn Brown[myri10ge] Native driver for Myricom 10Gb Ethernet...
2010-01-14 Glenn Brown[pci] Add PCI_COMMAND_INTX_DISABLE
2010-01-14 Thomas Horsten[forcedeth] Add support for 10de:054c nforce 630a,...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[802.11] Allow connecting to spectrum managed networks
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[config] Enable WPA2 by default
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[wpa] Add CCMP backend (new AES-based cryptosystem)
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[wpa] Add TKIP backend (legacy RC4-based cryptosystem)
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[wpa] Add pre-shared key frontend (WPA "Personal" with...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[wpa] Add general support for WPA-protected 802.11...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[eapol] Add basic support for 802.1X EAP over LANs
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[802.11] Add support for WEP-protected networks
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[iwmgmt] Add wireless management commands and text...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[802.11] Add core support for detecting and using encry...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[crypto] Add a placeholder for a proper random number...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[crypto] Add AES key-wrap mode (RFC 3394)
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[crypto] Make AES context size and algorithm structure...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[crypto] Add parentheses around len argument in blocksi...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[digest] Add HMAC-SHA1 based pseudorandom function...
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[cipher] Add the ARC4 stream cipher
2010-01-05 Joshua Oreman[digest] Add generic CRC32 function
2010-01-05 Thomas Miletich[e1000] Remove deprecated IRQ_FORCE action from e1000_irq()
2009-12-15 Stefan Hajnoczi[build] Pad .hd image type to 32 KB
2009-12-14 Stefan Hajnoczi[multiboot] Build memory map after shutting down and...
2009-12-14 Shao Miller[settings] Add Bus ID setting
2009-12-14 Thomas Miletich[eepro100] Add missing FILE_LICENCE() to eepro100.h