Produce no output unless -v is specified or an error occurs.
[people/andreif/gpxe.git] / src /
2007-07-17 Michael BrownProduce no output unless -v is specified or an error...
2007-07-17 Michael BrownRemoved dead code identified by symcheck
2007-07-17 Michael BrownAdded missing "static" declarations
2007-07-17 Michael BrownRestore the "shared symbol found only in a single objec...
2007-07-17 Michael BrownAdded symbols that the DBG() macros will use.
2007-07-17 Michael Brownnameserver should be static
2007-07-17 Michael BrownObsolete code removal
2007-07-17 Michael BrownAdded missing extern
2007-07-17 Michael BrownUse objdump -t for symcheck; it allows us to take the...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownKill off redundant references to the .zprefixes.
2007-07-16 Michael BrownUpdate all prefixes currently referring to _load_size...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownRename _rom_size to _load_size_sect, since hdprefix...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownCompressed ROM images now work.
2007-07-16 Michael BrownSplit the objcopy stage out of final image preparation...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownMove uninitialised .data16 variables to .bss16; saves...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownKill off some long-redundant CFLAGS
2007-07-16 Michael BrownAdd __bss16() macro, and allow use of .bss16 section...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownRevert "no need for depending on build library ("blib")"
2007-07-15 Michael BrownAdded nrv2b binary to ignore list
2007-07-15 Michael BrownUse a single _payload_offset linker-defined variable...
2007-07-15 Michael BrownReverting unintended change caused by merge of indolent...
2007-07-15 Michael BrownMerge commit 'indolent/natsemi'
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarremoved type casting from DBG statements.
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarreplaces printf with dbg
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded natsemi.h
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmdc's+nvs
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmore debugging
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmore debugging
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded silicon revision number
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarinit_fix_up
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded cable magic for 100Mps in natsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarduplex setting added to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmore indentation and styling done
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumar:x
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarno changes
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded nat_irq to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarstopped memory leak in natsemi::nat_open()
2007-07-15 Udayan KumarNatsemi commented and almost done
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarnatsemi.c is workin
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarirq still not working will have to remove it
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarnatsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarinterrupt in natsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarenabled interrupt in natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded change log to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded netdev_tx_complete to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded endianness to natsemi.
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarfree_netdev -> netdev_put
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumardebugging natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded eeprom from rtl8139 but not working
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarnatsemi now needs eeprom access
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarsame as before, but now compiling natsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded polling and transmit. eeprom access still remaining
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarskel of new natsemi driver (still in developments)
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumartesting if it works
2007-07-15 Michael BrownRevert mdc's warnings purge on natsemi.c, to allow...
2007-07-15 Michael BrownSkip the length field prepended by util/nrv2b.c
2007-07-15 Michael BrownModified calling convention: we now update %esi and...
2007-07-15 Michael Brown"not" doesn't affect flags, "xor $-1" does.
2007-07-14 Michael BrownRemove more obsolete files
2007-07-14 Michael BrownOn advice of hpa: be more patient with the KBC and...
2007-07-14 Michael BrownShrink cpu.c and render it useful for our purposes.
2007-07-14 Michael BrownReduced etherboot.h dependencies to avoid unnecessary...
2007-07-14 Michael BrownDead code removal.
2007-07-14 Michael BrownBe more aggressive in attempts to enable A20, now that...
2007-07-13 Michael BrownKill off the enforced RX quota; it only seems to hurt...
2007-07-13 Michael BrownUse fast in-situ test for gate A20 being set, to cut...
2007-07-13 Michael BrownAdd support for TCP timestamps
2007-07-13 Michael BrownAdjust received length to take into account any already...
2007-07-13 Michael BrownAvoid reusing auto-allocated ports after connection...
2007-07-10 Michael BrownImprove error reporting for strange length combinations...
2007-07-10 Michael BrownSet up %ds *before* testing a value in our data segment...
2007-07-10 Michael BrownReport RX errors via netdev_rx_err()
2007-07-10 Michael BrownDump first 64 bytes of chained ISR when debugging is...
2007-07-10 Michael BrownMay be required in some disconnect scenarios
2007-07-10 Michael BrownUnplug before sending close() message, to avoid screwin...
2007-07-10 Michael BrownAdd debug messages to process.c
2007-07-10 Michael BrownProtect ISR against failure to unhook.
2007-07-10 Michael BrownMaster IRQ should be EOIed first, I think.
2007-07-10 Michael BrownWe probably ought not to call INT13 with interrupts...
2007-07-10 Michael BrownWorking code to call the PXE stack from within the...
2007-07-09 Michael BrownHopefully solve the problem requiring the occasional...
2007-07-09 Michael BrownAlways increase number of BIOS drives when registering
2007-07-09 Michael BrownChange %dl fixup rules for INT13:
2007-07-09 Michael BrownProof of concept; works, but has several hard-coded...
2007-07-09 Michael BrownSet CF by default, clear on success (rather than cleari...
2007-07-09 Michael BrownRemove xfer_ready() (it has been replaced by xfer_window())
2007-07-09 Michael BrownAdded missing "static"
2007-07-09 Michael BrownRemove some obsolete stream-API files
2007-07-09 Holger LubitzAdd -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 to i386 CFLAGS as...
2007-07-09 Holger LubitzUpdate Makefile for compilation on ARCH=x86_64
2007-07-09 Michael BrownFix up iscsiboot missing prototype warnings
2007-07-09 Michael BrownAdd missing static
2007-07-08 Michael BrownFix TX state machine and miscellaneous other bits.
2007-07-08 Michael BrownFix root-path parsing.
2007-07-08 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into iscsi-update
2007-07-08 Michael BrownAdd strcspn() and strndup()
2007-07-08 Michael BrownMake ref_get() return the reference, for cleaner code.
2007-07-08 Michael BrownReady to start testing
2007-07-08 Michael BrownCode in place to use a hypothetical SCSI interface.
2007-07-08 Michael BrownEverything except the SCSI interface should now be...