Move .zinfo to libprefix.S; it doesn't belong with the decompression code.
[people/andreif/gpxe.git] / src / arch / i386 / prefix / unnrv2b.S
2007-07-17 Michael BrownMove .zinfo to libprefix.S; it doesn't belong with...
2007-07-16 Michael BrownCompressed ROM images now work.
2007-07-15 Michael BrownMerge commit 'indolent/natsemi'
2007-07-15 Michael BrownSkip the length field prepended by util/nrv2b.c
2007-07-15 Michael BrownModified calling convention: we now update %esi and...
2007-07-15 Michael Brown"not" doesn't affect flags, "xor $-1" does.
2005-04-08 Michael BrownMerged mcb30-realmode-redesign back to HEAD
2005-03-08 Michael BrownInitial revision