eth_ntoa fixups
[people/andreif/gpxe.git] / src / drivers /
2006-09-19 Marty Connoreth_ntoa fixups
2006-09-19 Marty Connoreth_ntoa fixup
2006-09-19 Marty Connoreth_ntoa fixup, some warnings fixups (isa/pnp fixups...
2006-09-19 Marty Connoreth_ntoa fixup, _disable arg fixup
2006-09-15 Marty ConnorDBG MAC addr printout in driver
2006-09-15 Marty Connorchange MAC address printout to DBG using eth_ntoa ...
2006-09-14 Marty ConnorFix compile warnings, remove unused var
2006-09-14 Marty ConnorFixed DBG macro format, fixed compile warnings. removed...
2006-09-14 Marty ConnorRemove nic_disable call from drivers. Call should...
2006-09-14 Marty ConnorRemove printf of MAC address in driver.
2006-09-01 Michael BrownFix gcc-induced reference to memcpy
2006-08-16 Michael BrownRemove old-style debug message
2006-08-14 Michael BrownKill off poll_interruptions(); it is lethal when we...
2006-06-16 Michael BrownTemporary hack to work around the "TX overflow" problem...
2006-06-16 Michael BrownAdd 4 bytes to maximum frame length to allow for the...
2006-06-16 Michael BrownImprove debugging output for legacy wrapper
2006-06-16 Michael BrownForward-port event queue fixes from 5.4 tree.
2006-06-16 Michael BrownForward-port start-of-day fixes from 5.4 tree
2006-06-16 Michael BrownForward-port reset-related changes from 5.4 tree.
2006-06-14 Michael BrownGeneralise three-wire interface to generic SPI interface.
2006-06-14 Michael BrownMove per-transition delays from generic bit-bashing...
2006-06-14 Michael BrownTranslate between "0 = success" and "0 = failure" call...
2006-06-12 Michael BrownChange read_bit() to return 0 or -1UL, rather than...
2006-06-12 Michael BrownUpdated debug message to reflect change in data structure.
2006-06-11 Michael BrownUpdate to use the generic i2c bit-bashing code.
2006-06-11 Michael BrownAdded bit-bashing i2c interface code
2006-06-08 Michael BrownAdded sketch of bit-bashing interface common code
2006-06-08 Michael BrownLegacy drivers cannot cope with multiple active devices.
2006-06-05 Michael BrownForce pci.o to be included.
2006-06-05 Michael BrownLegacy drivers will not pad when necessary
2006-06-05 Michael BrownPNIC doesn't auto-pad.
2006-06-05 Michael BrownAdded a very quick and dirty compatibility layer, to...
2006-06-05 Michael BrownAdded soon-to-be-requisite missing include.
2006-06-01 Michael BrownBacking out last change; no immediate plans to make...
2006-05-31 Michael BrownATA devices are now asynchronous. The ATA layer itself...
2006-05-31 Michael BrownAdded generic asynchronous operations code.
2006-05-29 Michael BrownHandle multi-sector reads by splitting them into subcom...
2006-05-28 Michael BrownInitial AoE implementation. Limitations are:
2006-05-28 Michael BrownUse separate data-in and data-out buffers.
2006-05-27 Michael BrownRewrote to use the new net driver API, the updated...
2006-05-26 Michael BrownAdded abstraction layer for a three-wire serial device...
2006-05-21 Michael BrownFixed debug code
2006-05-21 Michael BrownAdded (untested) support for ATA devices. This code...
2006-05-20 Michael BrownUse insb/outsb; it's marginally faster.
2006-05-19 Michael BrownREAD CAPACITY (16) turns out to be an optional command...
2006-05-19 Michael BrownAdd the concept of a "user pointer" (similar to the...
2006-05-17 Michael BrownStrip down i386 PCI configuration space I/O to the...
2006-05-16 Michael BrownRestructured PCI subsystem to fit the new device model.
2006-05-14 Michael BrownSplit "iSCSI as a SCSI device" out from "iSCSI as a...
2006-05-13 Michael BrownDefined SCSI device interface, and added SCSI block...
2006-04-28 Michael BrownTransmit the buffer contents, not the buffer descriptor...
2006-04-24 Michael BrownAdd missing {register,free}_netdev().
2006-04-24 Michael Browngcc is rather over-aggressive about optimising out...
2006-04-24 Michael BrownHeader rearrangement.
2006-04-24 Michael BrownNetwork API now allows for multiple network devices...
2006-03-17 Michael BrownMore purging
2006-03-16 Michael BrownBuild in gpxe
2006-03-16 Michael BrownRemove accidental duplicate arising from merge
2006-03-16 Michael BrownBuild under gpxe
2006-03-16 Michael BrownBack out duplication arising from the merge
2006-03-16 Michael BrownFix to compile under gpxe
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2005-07-11 George BaumReorder functions to match the linux driver.
2005-06-17 Timothy LeggeFix COMET TxUnderrun issue
2005-06-02 Timothy Legge Jan Kiszka provided a patch for the smc9000 for missin...
2005-05-24 Michael BrownSome versions of doxygen seem to object to "@ret None...
2005-05-23 George Baumthe uncontroversal gcc 4.0 compilation fixes
2005-05-20 Michael BrownUse "#var" rather than "@c var" for doxygen.
2005-05-19 Michael BrownImported from Etherboot 5.4 tree
2005-05-19 Michael BrownSynced across updates from Etherboot 5.4 tree
2005-05-19 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-05-03 Michael BrownMake PCI ID tables const so as not to trigger a warning...
2005-05-03 Michael BrownMove tulip_private structure into shared data.
2005-05-03 Michael BrownD'oh
2005-05-03 Michael BrownUse __shared
2005-05-03 Michael BrownAdded example of how to use __shared.
2005-05-03 Michael BrownSymbol fixups
2005-05-03 Michael BrownArbitrary alignment is now available.
2005-05-02 Michael BrownUse shared symbols
2005-05-02 Michael BrownUse shared symbols to save space
2005-05-02 Michael BrownMoved definition of __shared into compiler.h
2005-05-02 Michael BrownCorrect symbol violations reported by "make symcheck"
2005-04-27 Michael Brownisa.c uses the new table infrastructure.
2005-04-26 Michael BrownAdd isapnp_max_csn to reduce scan time.
2005-04-26 Michael BrownISA bus driver updated to report devices as present...
2005-04-26 Michael BrownAutomatically updated with
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAdded "name" field to struct bus_driver
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAdded "name" field to bus structure.
2005-04-23 Michael BrownSymbol errors caught by
2005-04-22 Michael BrownTypo
2005-04-22 Michael BrownEnsured that all drivers call xxx_fill_nic().