descriptionAdir's gPXE repository
last changeSat, 18 Aug 2007 18:05:06 +0000 (19:05 +0100)
2007-08-18 Michael BrownFix building on distros which use dash as the default... master
2007-08-18 Michael BrownAdd barrier() primitive (was present in Eb5.4), used...
2007-08-17 Michael BrownSeparate out arch-independent parts of stdint.h
2007-08-13 Michael BrownUse start_timer_nodelay() in protocols which rely on...
2007-08-13 Michael BrownAdd start_timer_nodelay()
2007-08-10 Michael BrownBuild the all-driver images by default, and print instr...
2007-08-10 Michael BrownAdd iBFT code derived from IBM document.
2007-08-07 Michael BrownSet current working URI to be that of the executable...
2007-08-04 Michael BrownAdd PXE FILE API.
2007-08-04 Michael BrownMake read_user() non-blocking, and add select() call.
2007-08-03 Michael BrownDisplay name and status of each file as it is downloaded.
2007-08-03 Michael BrownPrint multiple commands per line in help
2007-08-02 Michael BrownPlace multiboot command lines in base memory; Xen won...
2007-08-02 Michael BrownError message cleanups.
2007-08-02 Michael BrownSet current working URI equal to script URI during...
2007-08-02 Michael Brownuri_get(NULL) and uri_put(NULL) are explicitly allowed.
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unknown mcb-xen-demo
unknown mcb-iscsi-working-with-new-tcp-stack
unknown mcb-iscsi-checkpoint
unknown mcb-aoe-dhcp-demo
unknown gpxe.pre.purge
unknown fredrik-command-line-merge-1
unknown etherboot-snapshot-20050308-185145
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