Adjust memory layout for 2.6.22+ kernels with 32KB setup code
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2007-12-18 Marty ConnorAdjust memory layout for 2.6.22+ kernels with 32KB... master
2005-03-18 Ken YapBring up to date with 1.4.4 (belatedly) Mknbi_1_4_4
2003-12-04 Ken YapFix serious first32.c bug. Various improvements. Mknbi_1_4_3
2003-08-09 Ken YapFixed bug in menu generator where ANSI escapes did... Mknbi_1_4_2
2003-07-22 Ken YapLast tweaks for 1.4.1. Mknbi_1_4_1
2003-07-17 Ken YapBug fixes. Support for large disks by Robb Main.
2003-01-07 Ken YapMore changes towards a release.
2003-01-05 Ken YapMore hacking.
2003-01-02 Ken YapFirst cut at 1.4.0.