17 years agoAdd limits test to build.
ftillier [Tue, 29 Nov 2005 21:41:07 +0000 (21:41 +0000)]
Add limits test to build.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@189 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[LIMITS] Add new unit test to test MR, CQ, and CQ resize limits.
ftillier [Tue, 29 Nov 2005 21:34:06 +0000 (21:34 +0000)]
[LIMITS] Add new unit test to test MR, CQ, and CQ resize limits.
The test, depending on settings, will:
- Allocate 8K buffers in a loop and register them.  Once allocation or
registration fails, repeat 1000 times.  Deregister and free all MRs.
- Allocate CQs with 4K CQEs in a loop.  When CQ creation fails, repeat
1000 times.  Free all CQs.
- Allocate CQs with 32 CQEs in a loop.  For each run through the loop,
resize the CQ to increasing multiples of 256 entries.  When resize
fails, repeat 100 times.  Repeat CQ creation and resize until CQ
creation fails, then 1000 more times for good measure.  Cleanup all

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@188 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdded RC files to SDP
tzachid [Thu, 24 Nov 2005 14:43:28 +0000 (14:43 +0000)]
Added RC files to SDP
Removed support for windows 9x from the provider. (Rev 774)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@187 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoOpensm - client reregistration bit handling
eitan [Wed, 23 Nov 2005 13:10:19 +0000 (13:10 +0000)]
Opensm - client reregistration bit handling

Currently when sending mads with PortInfo Set we set client_rereg to
be one if we are in first_time_master_sweep and relevant capability
mask is on). In other cases - we send in client_reregister bit the
data we have saved. If this data is 1 - then we will keep on sending

This patch assures that we send 0 in the client_reregister bit,
unless we specifically want to send 1.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@186 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoRemove the hack that was used to support multiple threads. (Rev 771)
tzachid [Tue, 22 Nov 2005 09:14:59 +0000 (09:14 +0000)]
Remove the hack that was used to support multiple threads. (Rev 771)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@185 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdded the winib copy write statement to the files. (Rev 764, 765)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:01:19 +0000 (13:01 +0000)]
Added the winib copy write statement to the files. (Rev 764, 765)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@184 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoImproved logging of driver. (Rev 724)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:32:28 +0000 (12:32 +0000)]
Improved logging of driver. (Rev 724)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@183 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agomerge from branch (rev-652)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:31:12 +0000 (12:31 +0000)]
merge from branch (rev-652)
Added GetSockName and GetPeerName.
Usermode API's are printed in DEBUG.
Fix a BUG in multiple  connect.
Fix a leak of buffers. (Rev 700)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@182 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAllow connection on the same machine.
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:30:06 +0000 (12:30 +0000)]
Allow connection on the same machine.
All sockets can be used by all threads.
Fix a few typos.
(Integrate 592 from branch) (Rev 625)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@181 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix a race in the SDP code (buffers were sent before RTU was received) (Integrate...
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:29:19 +0000 (12:29 +0000)]
Fix a race in the SDP code (buffers were sent before RTU was received) (Integrate 546 from branch) (Rev 624)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@180 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoA hack that allows threading to work and various bug fixes (Rev 450)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:28:10 +0000 (12:28 +0000)]
A hack that allows threading to work and various bug fixes (Rev 450)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@179 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoUpdate of the TODO file, and propagation of the driver object to the SdpArp::Init...
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:27:07 +0000 (12:27 +0000)]
Update of the TODO file, and propagation of the driver object to the SdpArp::Init (Rev 434)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@178 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoImplement ARP mechanism as well as a mechanism for the local port. (Rev 428)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:26:22 +0000 (12:26 +0000)]
Implement ARP mechanism as well as a mechanism for the local port. (Rev 428)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@177 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoImprove the handling of CloseSocket on a listening socket. (Rev 356)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:25:08 +0000 (12:25 +0000)]
Improve the handling of CloseSocket on a listening socket. (Rev 356)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@176 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoThe lock function might return an error in the case of failure. (Rev 340)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:23:59 +0000 (12:23 +0000)]
The lock function might return an error in the case of failure. (Rev 340)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@175 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoMake sure that the driver only exists when all it's threads are dead. (Rev 334)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:23:11 +0000 (12:23 +0000)]
Make sure that the driver only exists when all it's threads are dead. (Rev 334)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@174 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoCloseSocket is now implemented (needs some more tuning) (Rev 315)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:22:16 +0000 (12:22 +0000)]
CloseSocket is now implemented (needs some more tuning) (Rev 315)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@173 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoWindows SDP client works with another windows client.
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:21:14 +0000 (12:21 +0000)]
Windows SDP client works with another windows client.
Windows SDP client works with SDP gen2.
Fix user mode provider while the driver is not loaded. (Rev 298)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@172 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoImplementation of Listen Bind and accept. (Rev 273)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:19:58 +0000 (12:19 +0000)]
Implementation of Listen Bind and accept. (Rev 273)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@171 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoCredits are being implemented for read. (Rev 211)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:18:52 +0000 (12:18 +0000)]
Credits are being implemented for read. (Rev 211)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@170 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoCredits are being implemented for send. (Rev 110,111)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:17:02 +0000 (12:17 +0000)]
Credits are being implemented for send. (Rev 110,111)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@169 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoBasic implementation of receive. (Rev 100)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:15:25 +0000 (12:15 +0000)]
Basic implementation of receive. (Rev 100)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@168 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoMinor improvements to SDP send and shutdown. (Rev 84)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:14:33 +0000 (12:14 +0000)]
Minor improvements to SDP send and shutdown. (Rev 84)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@167 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoSome fixes to send code. (Rev 82)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:13:24 +0000 (12:13 +0000)]
Some fixes to send code. (Rev 82)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@166 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoMoved send to register and use physical memory (Rev 80)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:12:24 +0000 (12:12 +0000)]
Moved send to register and use physical memory (Rev 80)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@165 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoBasic implementation of send now works. (Rev 79)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:09:40 +0000 (12:09 +0000)]
Basic implementation of send now works. (Rev 79)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@164 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoSend parameters are now passed to the driver. (Rev 76)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:08:06 +0000 (12:08 +0000)]
Send parameters are now passed to the driver. (Rev 76)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@163 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFunction names are now printed automatically (Rev 75)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:06:39 +0000 (12:06 +0000)]
Function names are now printed automatically (Rev 75)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@162 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agosdp dll connects to a Linux machine from kernel mode. (Locking mechanism still has...
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:03:31 +0000 (12:03 +0000)]
sdp dll connects to a Linux machine from kernel mode. (Locking mechanism still has bugs) (Rev 74)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@161 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoConnect parameters are being passed to the kernel code. (Rev 71)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:02:13 +0000 (12:02 +0000)]
Connect parameters are being passed to the kernel code. (Rev 71)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@160 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoKernel mode socket is being created based on the user code. (Rev 70)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:00:33 +0000 (12:00 +0000)]
Kernel mode socket is being created based on the user code. (Rev 70)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@159 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoBase connection between user mode sdp and kernel mode was achived (added a forgotten...
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:55:30 +0000 (10:55 +0000)]
Base connection between user mode sdp and kernel mode was achived (added a forgotten file). (Rev69)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@158 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoBase connection between user mode sdp and kernel mode was achived. (Rev69)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:53:19 +0000 (10:53 +0000)]
Base connection between user mode sdp and kernel mode was achived. (Rev69)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@157 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoSDP driver base code (only open a deice and let the user mode connect to it) (Rev 61)
tzachid [Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:30:39 +0000 (10:30 +0000)]
SDP driver base code (only open a deice and let the user mode connect to it) (Rev 61)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@156 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoOpenSM: Add vendor decode support some new IB hardware vendors
eitan [Sun, 20 Nov 2005 07:26:53 +0000 (07:26 +0000)]
OpenSM: Add vendor decode support some new IB hardware vendors
(PathScale and IBM)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@155 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IPoIB] Fix multicast send support to not drop packets if the adapter
ftillier [Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:29:31 +0000 (17:29 +0000)]
[IPoIB] Fix multicast send support to not drop packets if the adapter
hasn't been configured as a member of that multicast group.

Based on code submitted by Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@154 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IBAL] Fix crash when creating a MAD service with duplicate
ftillier [Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:25:13 +0000 (17:25 +0000)]
[IBAL] Fix crash when creating a MAD service with duplicate
settings to an existing one.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@153 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IBAL] Incremented interface version to account for ib_ca_attr
ftillier [Mon, 14 Nov 2005 18:53:32 +0000 (18:53 +0000)]
[IBAL] Incremented interface version to account for ib_ca_attr
changes from revision 146.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@152 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IBAL] Handle RMPP AttributeOffset = 0.
ftillier [Mon, 14 Nov 2005 18:41:29 +0000 (18:41 +0000)]
[IBAL] Handle RMPP AttributeOffset = 0.

Submitted by Guy Corem (guyc@voltaire.com)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@151 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] Fix in lid mgr to avoid inifinite loop.
eitan [Sun, 13 Nov 2005 10:06:18 +0000 (10:06 +0000)]
[OpenSM] Fix in lid mgr to avoid inifinite loop.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@150 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Fix incorect check on logging file creation.
ftillier [Thu, 10 Nov 2005 18:16:24 +0000 (18:16 +0000)]
[WSD] Fix incorect check on logging file creation.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@149 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] - Fix PRIx64 definition
eitan [Tue, 8 Nov 2005 10:32:44 +0000 (10:32 +0000)]
[OpenSM] - Fix PRIx64 definition

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@148 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] Add FW version to CA attributes.
eitan [Tue, 8 Nov 2005 09:39:07 +0000 (09:39 +0000)]
[OpenSM] Add FW version to CA attributes.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@147 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IBAL, HCA, VSTAT] Add FW version to CA attributes.
ftillier [Mon, 7 Nov 2005 19:30:51 +0000 (19:30 +0000)]
[IBAL, HCA, VSTAT] Add FW version to CA attributes.

Signed-off-by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@146 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Fix missing return value during duplication causing
ftillier [Mon, 7 Nov 2005 19:21:55 +0000 (19:21 +0000)]
[WSD] Fix missing return value during duplication causing
duplication to always fail.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@145 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoIn osm_ucast_mgr, where osm_req_set is called for SwitchInfo,
eitan [Mon, 7 Nov 2005 13:52:13 +0000 (13:52 +0000)]
In osm_ucast_mgr, where osm_req_set is called for SwitchInfo,
fix bug where it copies more memory than it should into the SMP.

While running opensm with valgrind, it was found out that there is a
problemĀ  with osm_req_set function. It clears the madw.data by size of
IB_SMP_DATA_SIZE, but the function doesn't require a payload of this
size. In osm_ucast_mgr there was a call to the function with a payload
of smaller size (for SwitchInfo).

To fix it, payload_size to the osm_req_set was added.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@144 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoOpenSM: Don't obtain PKeyTables on switch when partition enforcement
eitan [Thu, 3 Nov 2005 13:15:15 +0000 (13:15 +0000)]
OpenSM: Don't obtain PKeyTables on switch when partition enforcement
option not supported. Part of patch supplied by Brad Benton

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@143 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoOpenSM: Clear port number in attribute modifier for P_KeyTable when not switch
eitan [Thu, 3 Nov 2005 13:12:45 +0000 (13:12 +0000)]
OpenSM: Clear port number in attribute modifier for P_KeyTable when not switch

When obtaining the P_KeyTable, clear the high 16 bits of the attribute
modifier when node is not a switch. This is supposed to be an ignore
field but not all implementations are conformant with this.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@142 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Add support for logging last 20MB for each of sent and received
ftillier [Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:31:26 +0000 (22:31 +0000)]
[WSD] Add support for logging last 20MB for each of sent and received
data, based on work by Tzachi Dar.  Also fixed bug with flushed receive
work requests during socket duplictaion.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@141 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IPoIB] Use instance parameters for service registration timeout
ftillier [Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:21:19 +0000 (22:21 +0000)]
[IPoIB] Use instance parameters for service registration timeout
and retry count.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@140 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[VSTAT] Minor cleanup
ftillier [Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:20:39 +0000 (22:20 +0000)]
[VSTAT] Minor cleanup

Signed-off-by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@139 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[HCA] Distinguish between Tavor and Arbel HCAs, report correct device ID
ftillier [Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:19:43 +0000 (22:19 +0000)]
[HCA] Distinguish between Tavor and Arbel HCAs, report correct device ID
in CA attributes.

Signed-off-by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@138 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[HCA] Fix copy of CA attributes to properly update internal pointers.
ftillier [Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:17:08 +0000 (22:17 +0000)]
[HCA] Fix copy of CA attributes to properly update internal pointers.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@137 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdd YottaYotta to known SMs.
eitan [Wed, 2 Nov 2005 06:41:55 +0000 (06:41 +0000)]
Add YottaYotta to known SMs.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@136 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] - patch for the lmc fix - the assert is wrongly placed. Just make sure
eitan [Mon, 31 Oct 2005 13:38:09 +0000 (13:38 +0000)]
[OpenSM] - patch for the lmc fix - the assert is wrongly placed. Just make sure
this is a discovered port.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@135 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] - Fix race bug - looking at the qp0_mads_outstanding was done in a lock
eitan [Mon, 31 Oct 2005 12:20:45 +0000 (12:20 +0000)]
[OpenSM] - Fix race bug - looking at the qp0_mads_outstanding was done in a lock
after decrementing it.
The signaling was done according to the value viewed on the qp0_mads_outstanding, and not on the new value updated.
As result - can receive a signal of NO_PENDING_TRANSACTIONS outside of its place.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@134 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix problem in debug compilation.
eitan [Sun, 30 Oct 2005 11:36:34 +0000 (11:36 +0000)]
Fix problem in debug compilation.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@133 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdded client_reregister display into PortInfo dump in osm_helper.c
eitan [Sun, 30 Oct 2005 08:29:09 +0000 (08:29 +0000)]
Added client_reregister display into PortInfo dump in osm_helper.c
Also, fixed some typos in another log message and another comment

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@132 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] - Change executable name to opensm.exe under both debug and free versions.
eitan [Sun, 30 Oct 2005 07:50:02 +0000 (07:50 +0000)]
[OpenSM] - Change executable name to opensm.exe under both debug and free versions.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@131 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[OpenSM] fix lmc assignment algorithm.
eitan [Thu, 27 Oct 2005 13:06:05 +0000 (13:06 +0000)]
[OpenSM] fix lmc assignment algorithm.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@130 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdd the up-down routing algorithm options to the opensm options.
eitan [Sun, 23 Oct 2005 13:20:42 +0000 (13:20 +0000)]
Add the up-down routing algorithm options to the opensm options.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@129 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix problem in reading long options from the command line.
eitan [Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:57:14 +0000 (11:57 +0000)]
Fix problem in reading long options from the command line.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@128 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoUpdate to version information to allow vendor customization
ftillier [Thu, 20 Oct 2005 04:34:17 +0000 (04:34 +0000)]
Update to version information to allow vendor customization

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@127 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix bug - in osm_vendor_local_lid_change do not need to change the directed route...
eitan [Wed, 19 Oct 2005 11:27:36 +0000 (11:27 +0000)]
Fix bug - in osm_vendor_local_lid_change do not need to change the directed route address vector, since only LID has changed.
Destroying and then creating it again can cause problems, since callback functions might try to use this address vector after its destruction and before the creation.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@124 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoOpenIB branding
ftillier [Tue, 18 Oct 2005 22:03:10 +0000 (22:03 +0000)]
OpenIB branding

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@123 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoRemove unneccessary slash in file name. The slash exists in the default directory...
eitan [Mon, 17 Oct 2005 10:17:00 +0000 (10:17 +0000)]
Remove unneccessary slash in file name. The slash exists in the default directory name.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@122 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoRemove lines added by pervious merge.
eitan [Mon, 17 Oct 2005 10:15:30 +0000 (10:15 +0000)]
Remove lines added by pervious merge.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@121 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoupdated service lease period from 1 to 4 seconds to avoid service flow failures on...
eitan [Mon, 17 Oct 2005 06:23:58 +0000 (06:23 +0000)]
updated service lease period from 1 to 4 seconds to avoid service flow failures on minimal time.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@120 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IBAL] Fix AV creation on user-mode PD aliases.
ftillier [Mon, 17 Oct 2005 04:12:58 +0000 (04:12 +0000)]
[IBAL] Fix AV creation on user-mode PD aliases.

Signed-off-by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@119 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[SRP] Properly format and cap the number of memory descriptors in
ftillier [Mon, 17 Oct 2005 04:07:31 +0000 (04:07 +0000)]
[SRP] Properly format and cap the number of memory descriptors in
IDBD information units.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@118 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix place of debug message to help in tracking mads down.
eitan [Sun, 16 Oct 2005 07:33:18 +0000 (07:33 +0000)]
Fix place of debug message to help in tracking mads down.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@117 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix saving of accum flag in cache options file.
eitan [Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:46:51 +0000 (08:46 +0000)]
Fix saving of accum flag in cache options file.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@116 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix bug: When there is an error in the osm_vendor_send call,
eitan [Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:14:52 +0000 (08:14 +0000)]
Fix bug: When there is an error in the osm_vendor_send call,
need to decrement several mad counters and call the dispatcher,
if we reached '0' on the qp0_mads_outstanding.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@115 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdd debug message to help in tracking mads down.
eitan [Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:01:36 +0000 (08:01 +0000)]
Add debug message to help in tracking mads down.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@114 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoChange value of LOG_INFO to match that used in complib.
eitan [Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:00:20 +0000 (08:00 +0000)]
Change value of LOG_INFO to match that used in complib.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@113 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdd a fix for the previous patch - enabling non accumulation of log.
eitan [Wed, 12 Oct 2005 06:27:38 +0000 (06:27 +0000)]
Add a fix for the previous patch - enabling non accumulation of log.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@112 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoAdd -e flag to main in order to enable starting a new log file,
eitan [Wed, 12 Oct 2005 06:25:26 +0000 (06:25 +0000)]
Add -e flag to main in order to enable starting a new log file,
instead of accumulating it.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@111 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[HCA] Add calls to secure address ranges associated with
ftillier [Tue, 11 Oct 2005 22:15:58 +0000 (22:15 +0000)]
[HCA] Add calls to secure address ranges associated with
user-mode memory registrations.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@110 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix - if file can be opened but cannot be read for some reason - ignore it,
eitan [Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:02:17 +0000 (13:02 +0000)]
Fix - if file can be opened but cannot be read for some reason - ignore it,
and do not exit with error.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@109 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[ALTS] Add testing of AV with GRH.
ftillier [Mon, 10 Oct 2005 20:04:07 +0000 (20:04 +0000)]
[ALTS] Add testing of AV with GRH.

Signed-off-by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@108 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[HCA] Copy CA attributes into internal cache to allow GID to GID index
ftillier [Mon, 10 Oct 2005 20:03:26 +0000 (20:03 +0000)]
[HCA] Copy CA attributes into internal cache to allow GID to GID index
lookup when creating AVs.

Signed-off-by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@107 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[IBAL] Handle RMPP send payload < MAD buffer length
ftillier [Mon, 10 Oct 2005 19:54:53 +0000 (19:54 +0000)]
[IBAL] Handle RMPP send payload < MAD buffer length

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@106 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[HCA] Set QP modify masks even for mandatory fields as THH depends on it.
ftillier [Mon, 10 Oct 2005 19:30:13 +0000 (19:30 +0000)]
[HCA] Set QP modify masks even for mandatory fields as THH depends on it.

Provided by: Yossi Leybovich (sleybo@mellanox.co.il)

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@105 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Add IBWSD_POLL environment variable to allow provider to poll for
ftillier [Mon, 10 Oct 2005 19:23:56 +0000 (19:23 +0000)]
[WSD] Add IBWSD_POLL environment variable to allow provider to poll for
completions, improving latencies.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@104 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoFix function name in debug message.
eitan [Sun, 9 Oct 2005 11:30:15 +0000 (11:30 +0000)]
Fix function name in debug message.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@103 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Fix MR caching to properly flush both local and RDMA registrations.
ftillier [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 18:39:18 +0000 (18:39 +0000)]
[WSD] Fix MR caching to properly flush both local and RDMA registrations.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@102 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[ALTS] Fix missing parameters to debug output to fix build error.
ftillier [Mon, 3 Oct 2005 23:53:41 +0000 (23:53 +0000)]
[ALTS] Fix missing parameters to debug output to fix build error.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@101 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoRemove extra line in printing
eitan [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 12:11:14 +0000 (12:11 +0000)]
Remove extra line in printing

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@100 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoNew opensm component
eitan [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 07:59:33 +0000 (07:59 +0000)]
New opensm component

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@99 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years agoReverted changes to files for which stale copies were accidentally
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 03:50:44 +0000 (03:50 +0000)]
Reverted changes to files for which stale copies were accidentally
committed in revision 84.

git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@98 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Rework connection establishment/tear down
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:57:44 +0000 (00:57 +0000)]
[WSD] Rework connection establishment/tear down
- Split IBSPAccept into two functions, one to check if connection should be
accepted, the other to actually accept the connection.
- Moved MRA into CF_DEFER case in IBSPAccept.
- Fixed IBSPAccept error case flow to properly cleanup.
- Moved allocation of incoming connection request to listen case only.
- Don't wait for RTU in IBSPAccept, continue optimistically assuming we'll
get the RTU.  If we get a REJ, we'll tear down the socket and report an error.
- Close the switch socket from within IBSPAccept (or IBSPSocket for
duplication) before destroying the QP to prevent the QP destroy callback from
invoking the upcall to destroy the socket.
- Reduce lock contention and thrashing during socket cleanup/disconnection.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@97 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Make QP destruction asynchronous to speed up socket closure.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:48:36 +0000 (00:48 +0000)]
[WSD] Make QP destruction asynchronous to speed up socket closure.
Cleanup socket creation by consolitdating operations into create_socket_info.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@96 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Use socket reference count to control destruction.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:45:47 +0000 (00:45 +0000)]
[WSD] Use socket reference count to control destruction.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@95 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Fix startup issues in free builds where _DllMain was getting inlined,
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:42:13 +0000 (00:42 +0000)]
[WSD] Fix startup issues in free builds where _DllMain was getting inlined,
causing the stack overflow detection to incorrectly fire.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@94 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] A failed accept should go to IBSP_CREATE, not IBSP_BIND.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:40:32 +0000 (00:40 +0000)]
[WSD] A failed accept should go to IBSP_CREATE, not IBSP_BIND.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@93 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Enhanced control over debug output.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:38:40 +0000 (00:38 +0000)]
[WSD] Enhanced control over debug output.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@92 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Add support for multiple CQs to allow more than 3000 sockets per process.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:34:40 +0000 (00:34 +0000)]
[WSD] Add support for multiple CQs to allow more than 3000 sockets per process.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@91 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Remove sockets from tracking map when RTU or duplication fails.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:29:35 +0000 (00:29 +0000)]
[WSD] Remove sockets from tracking map when RTU or duplication fails.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@90 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Only send DREP if we changed socket state. No need to send if in
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:27:19 +0000 (00:27 +0000)]
[WSD] Only send DREP if we changed socket state.  No need to send if in
other states since it will have been sent by some other means (e.g. QP

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@89 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86

17 years ago[WSD] Add locking around state checks.
ftillier [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 00:25:10 +0000 (00:25 +0000)]
[WSD] Add locking around state checks.

Signed-off-by: Fab Tillier (ftillier@silverstorm.com)
git-svn-id: svn://openib.tc.cornell.edu/gen1/trunk@88 ad392aa1-c5ef-ae45-8dd8-e69d62a5ef86