[OPENSM] When trying to set to INIT the remote port of the given physical port
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / opensm / user / opensm / osm_lid_mgr.c
2006-08-20 sleybo[OPENSM] When trying to set to INIT the remote port...
2006-05-28 tzachid[opensm] Fix a trivial build break
2006-05-23 eitanif the guid2lid is corrupted, don't exit when running...
2006-04-04 eitan[OpenSM] - cosmetic changes
2006-04-04 eitanOpenSM: trivial fix for segfault on invalid port info
2006-03-22 eitan[OpenSM] -
2006-03-13 eitan[OpenSM] - cosmetic changes
2006-03-12 eitan[OpenSM] - OpenSM/osm_lid_mgr.c: handle different MTU
2006-03-08 eitan[OpenSM] - Update according to linux gen2 trunk
2005-11-23 eitanOpensm - client reregistration bit handling
2005-11-13 eitan[OpenSM] Fix in lid mgr to avoid inifinite loop.
2005-11-07 eitanIn osm_ucast_mgr, where osm_req_set is called for Switc...
2005-10-31 eitan[OpenSM] - patch for the lmc fix - the assert is wrongl...
2005-10-27 eitan[OpenSM] fix lmc assignment algorithm.
2005-09-27 eitanNew opensm component