[IPOIB, MLX4] Enabling the use of 4K MTU on ipoib.
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / ipoib / kernel / netipoib.inf
2008-07-08 tzachid[IPOIB, MLX4] Enabling the use of 4K MTU on ipoib.
2008-06-17 stansmith[WinOF]
2008-05-01 tzachid[etc] Fix infs that were changed in the ptr64 patch.
2008-04-30 tzachid[PTR64,WDK,MLX4]
2007-09-23 tzachid[etc] Added some of the files needed in order to suppor...
2007-03-08 sleyboBuild
2007-03-08 sleyboBuild
2007-03-08 sleybo[IBAL/MTHCA/IPOIB/TOOLS] fix inf to search driver in...
2006-12-21 sleybobuild
2006-12-13 sleyboBuild
2006-12-13 sleybo[BUS/IPOIB] add Mellanox copyrights
2006-11-20 sleybo[IPOIB] payload MTU is configured from the registry...
2006-09-20 ftillierBuild
2006-08-18 ftillierBuild
2006-08-04 ftillier[IPoIB] Remove unused parameters
2006-07-27 ftillierBuild
2006-07-10 tzachid[IPOIB] A work around for working with 1.8.x opensm...
2006-06-09 ftillierBuild
2006-06-07 ftillier[IPoIB] Report receives with NDIS_STATUS_RESOURCES...
2006-05-31 ftillier[IPoIB] Increase default queue depth to 512
2006-05-31 ftillier[IPoIB] Make receive checksum offload a tunable, defaul...
2006-05-08 ftillier[IPoIB] Add WPP tracing, enabled by default in release...
2006-04-27 ftillierBuild
2006-04-10 ftillierBuild 1.0.0000.308
2006-04-10 ftillierBuild 1.0.0000.306
2006-04-10 ftillierBuild 1.0.0000.295
2006-03-31 ftillier[IPoIB] Fix EventMessageFile path.
2006-03-06 ftillier[IPoIB] Fix typo in driver parameter section.
2006-01-17 ftillier[IBAL, HCA, IPoIB, SRP] Update INF files for build...
2005-12-19 ftillier[IPoIB] Add support for event logging
2005-11-30 ftillier[IPoIB] Fixed upper binding, which should have been...
2005-11-30 ftillier[IPoIB] Add support for setting debug level from registry
2005-09-27 ftillier[WSD] Added missing connection tracking calls, fixed...
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation