[WINOF] rename ia_params --> ia_device_params to match manual.htm documentation.
[mirror/winof/.git] / WinOF / WIX / dat.conf
2009-06-10 stansmith[WINOF] rename ia_params --> ia_device_params to match...
2009-05-27 stansmith[WINOF] support rdma-cm as a DAPL2 provider.
2009-05-11 stansmith[WIX] use correct dapl scm name.
2009-04-26 stansmith[DAPL2/WINOF] use IB verbs device for debug socket cm
2009-04-22 stansmith[Wix] use dapl2-ofa-scm as the socket CM dapl2 provider
2008-11-12 stansmith[WinOF] move branches\WinOF to trunk.