[ipoib] mcast garbage collector and igmp V2 support.
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / ipoib / kernel / ipoib_endpoint.h
2008-07-27 tzachid[ipoib] mcast garbage collector and igmp V2 support.
2008-06-30 ftillierRemove XXX_PTR64 and TO_ULONG_PTR from IPoIB
2008-04-30 tzachid[PTR64,WDK,MLX4]
2006-12-13 sleybo[BUS/IPOIB] add Mellanox copyrights
2006-10-30 aestrin[IPoIB] share ip_packet.h
2006-05-08 ftillier[IPoIB] Add WPP tracing, enabled by default in release...
2005-09-16 ftillierAdd support for SM, LID, and GID change by flagging...
2005-05-24 ftillierremoved Revison keyword since ID keyword exists, delete...
2005-05-23 ftillierFixed Id keyword in source files
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation