[IBAL] fix trap that route to local SM .
[mirror/winof/.git] / core / al / user / ual_mgr.c
2007-02-26 sleybo[IBAL] fix trap that route to local SM .
2006-12-10 sleybo[IBAL] deref the ci_ca->obj in case that update fail.
2006-11-27 leonidk[MTHCA, IBAL et al] added SRQ support
2006-06-08 ftillier[IBAL] Add WPP tracing to KAL and UAL.
2006-05-15 ftillier[IBAL] Add versioning of the IOCTL interface.
2006-05-15 ftillier[IBAL] Fix race in UAL between CQ callbacks and CQ...
2005-07-11 ftillierMerge fab_cm_branch into trunk
2005-05-23 ftillierFixed Id keyword in source files
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation