[MT23108] Removed linker dependency on IBAL.
[mirror/winof/.git] / hw / mt23108 / kernel / hca_verbs.c
2006-03-30 ftillier[MT23108] Removed linker dependency on IBAL.
2006-03-10 ftillier[IBAL, HCA] Provide HCA driver with UM CA handle for...
2005-09-15 ftillier[HCA] Add client reregister support.
2005-09-12 ftillier- Fix bug in HCA driver where ib_query_cq would return
2005-07-29 ftillierUpdated resize CQ to return detailed status in case...
2005-07-11 ftillierMerge fab_cm_branch into trunk
2005-06-20 ftillierAdd new type for PDs - IB_PDT_UD - to allow HCA driver...
2005-05-23 ftillierFixed Id keyword in source files
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation