[IBAL, HW] Remove pointers from ci_umv_buf_t.
[mirror/winof/.git] / core / al / kernel / al_proxy_verbs.c
2008-07-13 leonidk[IBAL, HW] Remove pointers from ci_umv_buf_t.
2008-07-13 leonidk[IBAL, HW, IPOIB] Remove VOID_PTR64.
2008-07-01 leonidk[IBAL] Cleanup dead code in IBAL.
2008-07-01 leonidk[IBAL] This patch removes XXX_PTR64 and TO_ULONG_PTR...
2008-05-06 tzachid[ptr64] Remove #pragma warning( disable :4305)
2008-04-30 tzachid[PTR64,WDK,MLX4]
2008-01-31 leonidk[ipoib] Added support for Cisco GUIDs.
2006-11-27 leonidk[MTHCA, IBAL et al] added SRQ support
2006-07-03 ftillier[IBAL] Change all use of %p to %016I64x to support...
2006-06-08 ftillier[IBAL] Add WPP tracing to KAL and UAL.
2005-09-19 ftillier[HCA] Fix async event handling.
2005-05-23 ftillierFixed Id keyword in source files
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation