winverbs/nd: do not convert timeout status value
[mirror/winof/.git] / core / winverbs / user /
2010-01-21 (\18¬winverbs/lib: cache pkey table
2010-01-15 port.2.tmpwinverbs: delete critical sections when no longer needed
2009-09-30 sheftywinverbs: map WSA error codes to winverbs status values
2009-09-23 sheftywinverbs/libibverbs: use private heap space
2009-06-24 sheftylibraries: convert DllMain from BOOLEAN to BOOL
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: initialize Endpoint QP member variable
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: remove QP from EP Disconnect call
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: make PD derive from IWVOverlapped
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: convert RDMA address to network-byte order
2009-05-27 sheftywinverbs: transition QP to error on disconnect
2009-04-23 sheftywinverbs: fixes to support OFED compatibility libraries...
2009-03-25 sheftywinverbs: update copyright information
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs/winmad: fix GetOverlappedResult return value
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs/winmad: allow clients to use IOCPs
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs: remove dependency on CRT
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs: use consistent pkey index sizeof
2009-02-16 leonidk[IBAL,WinVerbs] fix ib_get_err_str
2009-01-24 sheftyUpdate the winverbs interface and library to add suppor...
2009-01-20 sheftywinverbs.lib: remove deleted file from build
2009-01-20 sheftywinverbs.dll: remove unused files
2008-08-27 stansmithgit-svn-id: svn://
2008-07-25 sheftywinverbs: add new windows based verbs library and driver