[MLX4] add 2 new functions to Eth interface: mlx4_register_vlan/mlx4_unregister_vlan...
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / librdmacm /
2009-09-23 sheftylibrdmacm: add back in missing cma_dev_cnt
2009-09-23 sheftylibrdmacm: allow for graceful cleanup of verbs
2009-08-26 sheftylibrdmacm: fix race in ucma_init()
2009-08-26 sheftyofed libs: prevent double initialization of critical...
2009-08-17 stansmith[LIBRDMACM] retry IBAT call on E_PENDING return. Signed...
2009-07-15 sheftylibrdmacm: free event structure on failure
2009-06-24 sheftylibraries: convert DllMain from BOOLEAN to BOOL
2009-06-24 sheftyetc/dlist: eliminate dlist.c
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: remove QP from EP Disconnect call
2009-06-09 sheftylibrdmacm/cmatose: add performance counters
2009-05-27 sheftywinverbs: transition QP to error on disconnect
2009-05-27 sheftylibrdmacm: fix event reporting when destroying listen
2009-04-23 sheftylibrdmacm: fix event reporting
2009-03-11 sheftylibrdmacm: use comp_channel to enhance scalability.
2009-03-02 sheftylibibverbs/librdmacm: update calls to winverbs pkey...
2009-01-24 sheftylibrdmacm: provide OFED compatibility library.