winverbs/lib: cache pkey table
[mirror/winof/.git] / inc / user /
2010-01-13 LOCALS~1\Temp/repo... winverbs/nd: map completion status to ND values
2009-10-19 stansmith[INC] added defines for strcasecmp() & strtouq()
2009-09-30 sheftyetc/linux: add netdb.h header file for linux portability
2009-09-02 sheftylinux/search.h: add tsearch tree abstraction
2009-09-02 sheftylinux/socket.h: add header file
2009-09-02 sheftyetc/comp_channel: add support for channel sets
2009-08-05 sheftywinverbs/status: add status definition for IO timeout
2009-07-09 stansmith[ETC] forgot the paperwork - BSD license included in...
2009-07-09 stansmith[ETC] Provide a common implementation for gettimeofday().
2009-06-24 sheftyetc/dlist: eliminate dlist.c
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: remove QP from EP Disconnect call
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: make PD derive from IWVOverlapped
2009-06-11 sheftywinverbs: convert RDMA address to network-byte order
2009-06-03 sheftywinverbs: export WvGetObject as extern C
2009-05-27 sheftywinverbs: transition QP to error on disconnect
2009-05-27 sheftylibrdmacm: fix event reporting when destroying listen
2009-05-12 sheftyib-diags: add ibqueryerrors
2009-04-23 sheftyetc/inet: add inet_ntop implementation
2009-04-23 sheftywinverbs: fixes to support OFED compatibility libraries...
2009-04-23 sheftyetc/comp_channel: fix lost event problem
2009-04-23 sheftyetc/linux: add common ntohll and htonll definitions
2009-04-23 sheftyetc/dlist: add simple userspace doubly-linked list...
2009-03-11 sheftyetc/comp_channel: add completion channel abstraction...
2009-02-28 sheftyetc: add generic linux compatibility code
2009-02-25 sheftygetopt: add const to interface
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs: use consistent pkey index sizeof
2009-02-24 sheftyibat: use #ifdef to avoid including header multiple...
2009-01-30 stansmith[WinOF] spelling typo in etc\clean-build.bat
2009-01-26 stansmith[ETC] make ibdiags src happy by adding const attribute...
2009-01-24 sheftyUpdate the winverbs interface and library to add suppor...
2008-12-17 sheftyWinMad driver and library.
2008-10-22 leonidk[IPoIB] Avoid the SM. [branches\WOF2-0: 1610-1613,...
2008-08-27 stansmithgit-svn-id: svn://
2008-07-25 sheftywinverbs: add new windows based verbs library and driver
2008-07-23 sheftyuvp/av: change create/modify calls to take SGID index
2008-07-23 sheftyuvp: obtain desired interface by GUID
2008-07-23 sheftycq: allow polling with an array of wc's
2008-07-23 sheftyuvp/interface: add support for reporting QP context...
2008-07-23 sheftycomplib/cl_byteswap_osd.h: Add missing include file...
2008-07-22 tzachidRemoving false Prefast alarms by:
2008-07-13 leonidk[ALL] Enable warning C4826.
2008-07-03 leonidk[CORE, TESTS] This patch adds a library and test utilit...
2008-07-01 leonidk[TESTS] This patch removes XXX_PTR64 and TO_ULONG_PTR...
2008-04-30 tzachid[PTR64,WDK,MLX4]
2008-01-31 leonidk[ipoib] Added support for Cisco GUIDs.
2007-04-05 sleybo[MTHCA\IBAL]
2007-02-07 sleybo[MTHCA] Cosmetic changes to allow building the driver...
2006-11-27 leonidk[MTHCA, IBAL et al] added SRQ support
2006-11-12 sleybo[INC] cosmetic changes for docs auto generation
2006-11-12 sleybo[MTHCA\MT23108\IBAL] change to support TRAP and TRAP_RE...
2006-04-06 ftillier[WSD] Add perfmon counter object implementation. WSD...
2005-09-12 ftillier- Fix bug in HCA driver where ib_query_cq would return
2005-09-02 ftillierAllow cl_timer_stop to be called from timer callback...
2005-09-02 ftillierMake address vectors work in user-mode. Components...
2005-07-11 ftillierMerge fab_cm_branch into trunk
2005-05-24 ftillierremoved Revison keyword since ID keyword exists, delete...
2005-05-23 ftillierFixed Id keyword in source files
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation