winverbs: store devices in order that they are added
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / qlgcvnic / kernel /
2009-03-24 aestrin[QLGC VNIC] sending different instance IDs
2009-03-02 sheftyib_types: update SA attribute definitions
2008-11-05 aestrin[QLGCVNIC] fix for [Bug 1317] BSOD during reboot when...
2008-08-27 stansmithgit-svn-id: svn://
2008-07-13 leonidk[ALL] Enable warning C4826.
2008-07-13 leonidk[CORE, ULP] fix file version fields. [MLNX: 2748]
2008-07-08 stansmith[VNIC] Removed extra MS example baggage MISCFILES
2008-07-07 stansmith[QLGCVNIC] added INX -> INF file stamping. INF file...
2008-06-17 stansmith[WinOF]
2008-03-26 aestrin[QLGCVNIC]flow control patch to help viport sustain...
2008-03-05 aestrin[QLGCVNIC] remove direct ibal call and linkage dependency.
2008-02-14 aestrin[QLGCVNIC] renamed vnic directory to match driver's...