[opensm] removed opensm\user\include\ib_types.h, even though it was not used, it...
[mirror/winof/.git] / core / winmad /
2010-01-15 port.2.tmpwinverbs: delete critical sections when no longer needed
2009-11-09 sheftywinmad: fix space to tab issue
2009-11-09 sheftywinmad/inf: create inf file under bin/kernel
2009-11-03 sheftywinmad: revert changes from commit 2512
2009-11-03 sheftyIn order to support opensm running over winmad (via...
2009-10-26 leonidk[MLX4] add 2 new functions to Eth interface: mlx4_regis...
2009-09-02 sheftywinmad: return correct error code
2009-09-02 sheftywinmad: allocate registration struct from NonPagedPool
2009-08-28 sheftywinverbs/winmad: use ExFreePoolWithTag
2009-06-24 sheftylibraries: convert DllMain from BOOLEAN to BOOL
2009-05-12 sheftywinmad: support registration for unsolicited MADs
2009-05-06 sheftyWe need to return all MADs to IBAL before calling close...
2009-04-02 stansmith[WINMAD] set standard WinOF DriverVer tag.
2009-03-29 leonidk[CORE,HW] remove PDO from the upper HCA interface....
2009-03-09 leonidk[CORE,HW,TESTS] remove registration HCA with IBAL.
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs/winmad: fix GetOverlappedResult return value
2009-02-24 sheftywinverbs/winmad: allow clients to use IOCPs
2009-02-24 sheftywinmad: fix crash and handle mads > 256 correctly
2008-12-17 sheftyWinMad driver and library.