[OPENSM] adjust OPENSM to changed types of the stack.
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / opensm / user / include / iba / ib_types_extended.h
2008-08-03 leonidk[OPENSM] adjust OPENSM to changed types of the stack.
2008-07-22 tzachid[IPOIB, MLX4] Checksum offload (mlnx: 2828)
2008-07-21 leonidk[HW, TOOLS] fixed a bug, causing incorrect value of...
2008-07-13 leonidk[OPENMS] This patch removes XXX_PTR64 and TO_ULONG_PTR...
2008-05-06 tzachid[ptr64] Remove #pragma warning( disable :4305)
2008-05-01 tzachid[ptr64] Fix some more minor issues in fields.
2008-04-30 tzachidPorting change in 1051 also to ib_types_extended.h
2008-04-30 tzachid[PTR64,WDK,MLX4]
2007-01-25 sleybo[OPENSM] update opensm from the OFED linux trunk.
2006-11-27 leonidk[MTHCA, IBAL et al] added SRQ support
2006-06-06 leonidk[MTHCA, IBAL] added FMR support; [MTHCA] 1. fixed ...
2006-04-04 eitan[OPENSM] 1. AL_INLINE in Opensm maped to static inline...
2005-11-08 eitan[OpenSM] Add FW version to CA attributes.
2005-09-27 eitanNew opensm component