[OFED] whitespace cleanup
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / netdirect /
2010-02-18 sheftyibat/resolve: retry ibat resolution
2010-01-15 port.2.tmpwinverbs: delete critical sections when no longer needed
2010-01-13 LOCALS~1\Temp/repo... winverbs/nd: map completion status to ND values
2010-01-13 LOCALS~1\Temp/repo... winverbs/netdirect: add support for inline sends
2009-12-03 sheftywinverbs/ND: fix calculating RDMA read/write address
2009-08-01 sheftynetdirect/winverbs: fixes to run nd sample tests
2009-07-27 sheftynd/winverbs: fix source file to reference correct expor...
2009-07-10 sheftynetdirect: add winverbs ND provider