[QLGCVNIC] renamed vnic directory to match driver's new name
[mirror/winof/.git] / docs /
2007-12-06 stansmith{WinOF] IBSDK - InfiniBand software development kit.
2007-11-14 stansmith[WinOF] Include DAPL socket-cm provider for Windows...
2007-10-12 stansmith[WinOF] updated with svn rev
2007-10-05 stansmith[WinOF] Document LIDs are displayed in vstat output.
2007-10-02 stansmith[WinOF] WIX
2007-09-19 stansmith[DAT/DAPL] Discussions about DAT v2.0 support and build...
2007-09-08 stansmith[DAT/DAPL] document DAT build environment.
2007-08-15 stansmith[WinOF] added whitespace for clarity when defining...
2007-08-07 stansmith[WinOF] needless replication, use the WIX version.
2007-08-07 stansmith[WinOF] keep only this version of the openib-windows...
2007-04-01 sleybo[DOCS] add preliminary drafts for release docs
2007-03-08 sleybo[DOCS] update docs (remove CI and uvp functions)
2006-11-12 sleybo[DOCS] update docs
2006-08-27 sleybo[DOCS] docs update
2006-04-16 sleybo[DOCS] add html files generated by robodoc from ibal...