libibmad: update to commit 669083324cd5a43db5c865040c3a220cea8b496f
[mirror/winof/.git] / ulp / libibmad /
2009-02-11 sheftylibibmad: update to commit 669083324cd5a43db5c865040c3a...
2009-02-10 stansmith[IBMAD] export xdump() & smp_query_via()
2009-01-26 stansmith[LIBIBMAD] protect against duplicate definitions.
2009-01-23 sheftylibibmad: sync with linux
2009-01-15 sheftywinmad: add missing mad_osd.h
2009-01-15 sheftylibibmad: updated based on merge feedback
2009-01-06 stansmith[LIBIBMAD] mirror OFED files in svn to assist Windows...