[ipoib] Added support for Cisco GUIDs.
[mirror/winof/.git] / tests / cmtest /
2008-01-31 leonidk[ipoib] Added support for Cisco GUIDs.
2007-12-10 stansmith[WinOF] IBSDK sample code - Applied AL_API declarations...
2007-12-06 stansmith[WinOF] updated cmtest_main.c to compile under Visual...
2006-05-23 sleybo[TESTS] change main.c files to XXX_mainc.c
2005-10-18 ftillierOpenIB branding
2005-07-11 ftillierMerge fab_cm_branch into trunk
2005-05-24 ftillierremoved Revison keyword since ID keyword exists, delete...
2005-05-23 ftillierFixed Id keyword in source files
2005-05-19 ftillierinitial implementation