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[Modules] Component Library/Component Library



       component library 


       The component library is a collection of components that can be used to
       create complex projects quickly and reliably.

       The component library simplifies development by eliminating the need to
       re-implement existing functionality. This contributes to shorter
       development cycles as well as smaller code bases, helping reduce the
       number of bugs by leveraging tried and tested code.

       The component library also provides the same interface in multiple
       environments, such as kernel mode and user mode, allowing code to be used
       in both, again reducing code duplication and development life cycles.

       Components of the library all follow the same usage model, as follows:
               - The constructor for all components should be called before any other
               function for that component.  It is acceptable to call the initializer
               without first calling the constructor.

               - The initializer for all components must be called successfully
               before any function manipulating that component is called.

               - The destructor for all components must be called if the initializer
               was called.

       In a debug build, the components assert that the proper sequence is