2007-09-07 mgandalf- Allow for empty groups (groups with no users) for...
2007-09-07 mgandalf- Fix really stupid mistake where config commits were...
2007-09-05 swgruszka- Do not print lot of info about notify event.
2007-09-05 swgruszka- Search bus only once when process scsi command (tmd).
2007-09-04 swgruszkaInitialize with zeros fresh allocated ini_t.
2007-09-01 swgruszkaBugfix, do not zero resource which someone may actually...
2007-08-31 swgruszkaAvoid race conditions related with registration and...
2007-08-31 swgruszkaGet irq number from PCI subsystem after irq routing...
2007-08-31 swgruszkaAdd workaround for devices which have broken autosense...
2007-08-29 vlnbFixed incorrect #if statement. Reported by jzh800mail...
2007-08-29 vlnb - Fixed make headers_check problem, reported by Doug...
2007-08-29 vlnbMinor changes based on comments from Tomasz Chmielewski...
2007-08-28 vlnb - Fixed several iSCSI RFC violations in TM area, added...
2007-08-27 vlnbscst_fileio renamed to scst_vdisk
2007-08-27 vlnbSample scstadmin .conf added
2007-08-24 vlnb - Calling pre_exec() moved to the separate state
2007-08-24 vlnbscsi_tgt renamed to scst
2007-08-23 vlnbFixed compilation problem when any module using net_get...
2007-08-23 vlnb - Updated to the latest IET (r137)
2007-08-23 vlnbCopyrights updated
2007-08-16 vlnb"iSCSI Enterprise" ranamed to "iSCSI-SCST"
2007-08-16 vlnbscsi_tgt.ko renamed to scst.ko
2007-08-15 vlnbISCSI-SCST updates
2007-08-15 vlnbThe initial commit of iSCSI-SCST
2007-08-14 vlnbMinor fixes
2007-08-14 vlnb - Version changed in scst_user_spec.txt
2007-08-14 vlnb- Call of pre_unreg_sess() moved to scst_mgmt_thread...
2007-08-10 vlnbFixes a race, when an event comes on the driver unload...
2007-08-08 vlnb - Docs updated
2007-08-07 vlnb - Implemented temporary workaround to work on 2.6...
2007-08-03 vlnb - In scst_user fixed potential deadlock
2007-07-31 vlnb - Device blocking cleanups and fixes
2007-07-30 vlnb - Semaphores converted to mutexes
2007-07-23 vlnbPartial update for 2.6.22
2007-07-18 vlnbUpdate for 64-bit tags
2007-07-18 vlnbPatch from Terry Greeniaus:
2007-07-13 vlnbPatch from Nathan Bullock.
2007-07-13 vlnbFew minor races fixed
2007-07-11 swgruszkaLittle comment fix.
2007-07-10 vlnblun_t changed to 64 bits. Don't know why it was 32...
2007-07-10 vlnbPatch from Stanislaw Gruszka:
2007-07-05 vlnbtrace_buf_lock implemented
2007-07-05 vlnbAdded previously renamed (deleted) patches
2007-07-05 vlnb - Kernel patches were renamed (in this commit only...
2007-07-05 vlnbSeparate block devices from non-block ones
2007-07-02 vlnbPatch from Alessandro Premoli:
2007-06-29 vlnbFix of WARN_ON_ONCE() braindamage
2007-06-27 vlnbPatch from Alessandro Premoli fixes all the warnings...
2007-06-27 vlnbMinor debug changes
2007-06-25 vlnbSCST page updated to list the QLogic ISP driver
2007-06-25 vlnbPatch from Stanislaw Gruszka <stanislawg1@open-e.com>
2007-06-22 mgandalf- Fixed applyConfiguration() to apply a full config...
2007-06-21 mgandalf- Version increment (almost forgot)
2007-06-21 mgandalf- Fixed applyConfiguration() to remove entries before...
2007-06-20 mgandalf- Fixed closing a device with -RemoveDev
2007-06-19 mgandalf- Updated for vdisk/vcdrom from disk_fileio/cdrom_fileio
2007-06-15 vlnb - Fixed race with wake_up()
2007-06-13 vlnbSVN access method changed to https://scst.svn.sourcefor...
2007-06-08 vlnbMinor threads related fixes
2007-06-08 vlnbAdded limit on maximum queued on a device commands
2007-06-08 vlnb - Threads made per-device
2007-06-01 vlnbDocs update
2007-06-01 vlnbDocs update
2007-05-31 vlnbVersion changed to 0.9.6
2007-05-31 vlnb - Module scst_user and user space utility to test...
2007-05-31 vlnbSupport for per-target default security groups added
2007-05-31 vlnbSupport for per-target default security groups added
2007-05-31 vlnbSome docs updates
2007-05-17 vlnbOops, "is" instead of "isn't"
2007-05-17 vlnbLinear search in the LUN translation routines scst_tran...
2007-05-17 vlnbMinor fixes, cleanups and updates
2007-05-08 vlnbInternal REQUEST SENSE fixes
2007-05-08 vlnbPatch for 2.6.21. Patch 26_scst-2.6.18.patch also appli...
2007-04-27 vlnbLOG_SELECT/SENSE stub added. Looks like it is more...
2007-04-24 vlnb- SGV caching changed to be more space efficient
2007-04-24 vlnbVersion 0.9
2007-04-16 vlnbTypo fixed
2007-04-03 vlnbVarious fixes, cleanups updates and preparations
2007-04-03 vlnbdev_done() made generic, small generic parse() optimiza...
2007-04-03 vlnbFixed depmod to work for the necessary kernel, not...
2007-04-03 vlnbParse() functions made generic
2007-04-03 vlnbCopyrights updated, "-g" added in DEBUG mode
2007-04-02 vlnbMinor fixes
2007-03-07 vlnb - D_SENSE value corrected
2007-03-02 vlnb- BLOCKIO made async
2007-03-02 vlnbFixed case, when resid == cmd->resp_data_len for real...
2007-02-28 vlnbMostly from Vu Pham:
2007-02-22 vlnbMinor cleanups
2007-02-22 vlnbBLOCKIO doc updated
2007-02-22 vlnbMinor fixes from/inspired by Vu Pham
2007-02-21 vlnbAdding blockio mode support to scst_vdisk
2007-02-21 vlnbRename FILEIO -> VDISK, part 2
2007-02-21 vlnbRename FILEIO -> VDISK, part 1
2007-02-21 vlnbVersion 0.4.
2007-02-21 vlnbExecution context cleanup. Completed full support for...
2007-02-21 vlnbA major locking and general code cleanup
2007-02-19 vlnbOops, the previous commit was wrong. Fix it.
2007-02-19 vlnbMinor fix for ABORTed on SIRQ commands
2007-02-16 vlnbUpdate to work on 2.6.20 + minor fix
2007-02-02 vlnbFrom Erik Habbinga: