Minor changes and docs updates
[mirror/scst/.git] / qla2x00t / qla2x00-target / qla2x00t.c
2008-07-22 vlnbMinor changes and docs updates
2008-07-18 vlnb - QLA: minor cleanups
2008-07-10 vlnbApparently the SCST code with debugging and/or tracing...
2008-07-07 vlnb - Version changed to 1.0.0
2008-06-26 vlnbMinor cleanups and docs updates
2008-06-12 vlnbCopyrights updated
2008-05-21 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <bart.vanassche@gmail.com>:
2008-05-21 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <bart.vanassche@gmail.com>:
2008-05-19 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <bart.vanassche@gmail.com...
2008-05-15 vlnb - Fixed sg_tablesize in qla2x00t to be per target...
2008-05-07 vlnb - Rejecting command reimplemented in a more simple...
2008-04-22 vlnbThe bunch of pending changes. Sorry, it's quite big.
2008-04-17 vlnbscsi_tgt.h renamed to scst.h
2008-01-31 vlnb - Update to work on 2.6.24
2008-01-24 vlnb - Version protection added
2008-01-11 vlnbLogging improvements
2008-01-11 vlnb - Fixed possible crash on SN slots overflow
2007-12-12 vlnb - Fixed incorrect residual on internal BUSY replies
2007-12-11 vlnbFixed possible crash if tgt module rmmod'ed under load
2007-12-07 vlnbSimple bugfix for concurrent work of several targets...
2007-11-01 vlnbCleanups, debug imporvements and minor fixes
2007-10-23 vlnbUpdate to work on 2.6.23+ kernels + some other related...
2007-07-18 vlnbUpdate for 64-bit tags
2007-06-15 vlnb - Fixed race with wake_up()
2007-05-31 vlnbSupport for per-target default security groups added
2007-04-03 vlnbCopyrights updated, "-g" added in DEBUG mode
2007-04-02 vlnbMinor fixes
2007-02-19 vlnbOops, the previous commit was wrong. Fix it.
2007-02-19 vlnbMinor fix for ABORTed on SIRQ commands
2007-02-16 vlnbUpdate to work on 2.6.20 + minor fix
2007-01-09 vlnbAtomic memory barriers cleanup. Inspired by Ming Zhang.
2006-12-15 vlnbUpdate to allow SCST built inside Linux kernel. Done...
2006-12-14 vlnb/proc implementation moved to seq_*() library. Mostly...
2006-12-14 vlnbVarious changes and fixes
2006-12-14 vlnb - Switch kmem_cache_alloc() -> kmem_cache_zalloc()
2006-12-13 vlnbMinor cleanup
2006-11-30 vlnbA bunch of small fixes and cleanups before 0.9.5
2006-11-03 vlnb - Fixed double locking regression, introduced rev20
2006-11-02 vlnbMinor cleanup
2006-11-02 vlnbTRACE_MEM() cleanups
2006-11-02 vlnbThe first attempt to fix the "Unable to find wwn login...
2006-10-27 vlnbRenamed tgt_dev_specific to dh_priv as well as all...
2006-10-20 vlnbDebugging cleanups
2006-10-12 vlnbMinor fixes and cleanups
2006-10-12 vlnbInitial commit