Compilation if target mode disabled fixed
[mirror/scst/.git] / qla2x00t / qla_def.h
2008-07-29 vlnbCompilation if target mode disabled fixed
2008-07-24 vlnbFix for long standing protection problem in the initiat...
2008-07-23 vlnbUpdate of the initiator driver to one from kernel 2...
2008-07-21 vlnbFixes crash on module unload found by Gal Rosen
2008-05-21 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <>:
2007-07-23 vlnbPartial update for 2.6.22
2006-12-14 vlnbUpdate to work on 2.6.19. Mostly done by Ming Zhang.
2006-10-12 vlnbInitial commit