Display which kernel headers are used during compilation of the SRP target driver.
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2009-05-22 bvasscheUpdated SRPT documentation.
2009-05-10 bvasscheAdded more details.
2009-05-10 bvasscheDocumented how to build SCST-SRPT against OFED.
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2009-02-18 vlnb - Docs updates
2008-12-26 vlnbObsolete TODO removed
2008-12-06 bvasscheFixed typo.
2008-10-16 vlnbThe patch below implements the following changes, becau...
2008-10-07 vlnbThe patch below enables compilation of the SRPT driver...
2008-03-17 vlnbPatch from Vu Pham <vuhuong@mellanox.com>: SRP target...