Pass-through mode resid handlning updated
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2006-11-09 vlnbPass-through mode resid handlning updated
2006-11-07 vlnb - One more iteration of scst_get_context() related...
2006-11-02 vlnbServing commands, whose expected data len is less,...
2006-11-02 vlnbShowing block size added to /proc/scsi_tgt/disk_fileio...
2006-11-02 vlnbTRACE_MEM() cleanups
2006-11-02 vlnb- Fixes wrongly set context in scst_tgt_cmd_done()
2006-10-27 vlnbSmall ORDERED commands handling optimization
2006-10-27 vlnbRenamed tgt_dev_specific to dh_priv as well as all...
2006-10-26 vlnbRemoving of Module.symvers added
2006-10-26 vlnb1. Added support of 2.6.18 kernels
2006-10-26 vlnbOops, previous commit erased ERASE16. Fixed.
2006-10-26 vlnbAdded SERVICE ACTION IN in scst_scsi_op_table
2006-10-20 vlnbIn FILEIO:
2006-10-17 vlnbMore intelligent IO flow control implemented
2006-10-12 vlnb - Versions changed from "pre1" on "pre2"
2006-10-12 vlnb- Fixed dev->on_dev_count underleak
2006-10-12 vlnbInitial commit