- Fixed closing a device with -RemoveDev
[mirror/scst/.git] / scst /
2007-06-08 vlnbMinor threads related fixes
2007-06-08 vlnbAdded limit on maximum queued on a device commands
2007-06-08 vlnb - Threads made per-device
2007-06-01 vlnbDocs update
2007-06-01 vlnbDocs update
2007-05-31 vlnb - Module scst_user and user space utility to test...
2007-05-31 vlnbSome docs updates
2007-05-17 vlnbOops, "is" instead of "isn't"
2007-05-17 vlnbLinear search in the LUN translation routines scst_tran...
2007-05-17 vlnbMinor fixes, cleanups and updates
2007-05-08 vlnbInternal REQUEST SENSE fixes
2007-05-08 vlnbPatch for 2.6.21. Patch 26_scst-2.6.18.patch also appli...
2007-04-27 vlnbLOG_SELECT/SENSE stub added. Looks like it is more...
2007-04-24 vlnb- SGV caching changed to be more space efficient
2007-04-16 vlnbTypo fixed
2007-04-03 vlnbVarious fixes, cleanups updates and preparations
2007-04-03 vlnbdev_done() made generic, small generic parse() optimiza...
2007-04-03 vlnbFixed depmod to work for the necessary kernel, not...
2007-04-03 vlnbParse() functions made generic
2007-04-02 vlnbMinor fixes
2007-03-07 vlnb - D_SENSE value corrected
2007-03-02 vlnb- BLOCKIO made async
2007-03-02 vlnbFixed case, when resid == cmd->resp_data_len for real...
2007-02-28 vlnbMostly from Vu Pham:
2007-02-22 vlnbMinor cleanups
2007-02-22 vlnbBLOCKIO doc updated
2007-02-22 vlnbMinor fixes from/inspired by Vu Pham
2007-02-21 vlnbAdding blockio mode support to scst_vdisk
2007-02-21 vlnbRename FILEIO -> VDISK, part 2
2007-02-21 vlnbRename FILEIO -> VDISK, part 1
2007-02-21 vlnbExecution context cleanup. Completed full support for...
2007-02-21 vlnbA major locking and general code cleanup
2007-02-16 vlnbUpdate to work on 2.6.20 + minor fix
2007-01-22 vlnbBugfix for Fedora 6 kernel where GFP_ATOMIC constant...
2007-01-18 vlnb - shutdown_mutex was replaced by shutdown_compl in...
2007-01-17 vlnbMinor TM-related fixes
2007-01-12 vlnbSome cleanup
2007-01-09 vlnbAtomic memory barriers cleanup. Inspired by Ming Zhang.
2007-01-08 vlnbMinor fixes and cleanups from Ming Zhang:
2006-12-29 vlnbA bunch of cleanups and minor fixes by Ming:
2006-12-21 vlnb - Cleanup: masked_status deleted, use status instead
2006-12-19 vlnbThis patch removes usage of bexx_to_cpu() on lba and...
2006-12-18 vlnbNot debug compilation fixed
2006-12-15 vlnbChangeLog updated
2006-12-15 vlnb - Patch from Ming Zhang <blackmagic02881@gmail.com>:
2006-12-15 vlnbSmall cleanup to the prev. commit
2006-12-15 vlnbUpdate to allow SCST built inside Linux kernel. Done...
2006-12-15 vlnb - Minor cleanup
2006-12-14 vlnbUpdate to work on 2.6.19. Mostly done by Ming Zhang.
2006-12-14 vlnb - First step to SCSI_ID support
2006-12-14 vlnbInternal threads management reimplemented based on...
2006-12-14 vlnb/proc implementation moved to seq_*() library. Mostly...
2006-12-14 vlnbVarious changes and fixes
2006-12-14 vlnbReorganized getting CDB info (scst_get_cdb_info())...
2006-12-14 vlnb - Switch kmem_cache_alloc() -> kmem_cache_zalloc()
2006-12-13 vlnbLSI/MPT target driver added
2006-12-13 vlnbMinor update
2006-12-12 vlnbSuggested changes to support CPU cache flushing before...
2006-12-12 vlnbTake 2 of fixing the race, which could lead to BUG...
2006-12-05 vlnb - Fixed a race, which could lead to BUG() in scst_mgmt...
2006-12-04 vlnbErik Habbinga <erikhabbinga@inphase-tech.com>
2006-12-04 vlnbFrom Erik Habbinga <erikhabbinga@inphase-tech.com>
2006-12-04 vlnbFrom Erik Habbinga <erikhabbinga@inphase-tech.com>
2006-12-04 vlnbFrom Erik Habbinga <erikhabbinga@inphase-tech.com>
2006-12-04 vlnbUpdated version to 0.9.6 and Makefiles to bring the...
2006-12-01 vlnbRelease 0.9.5 of both SCST and Qlogic target driver
2006-11-30 vlnbA bunch of small fixes and cleanups before 0.9.5
2006-11-15 vlnbA small patch to fix command "Send cue sheet" transfer...
2006-11-13 vlnb - Fixed problems with big amount of LUNs. Tested on...
2006-11-10 vlnbDocumentaion updates
2006-11-09 vlnbPass-through mode resid handlning updated
2006-11-07 vlnb - One more iteration of scst_get_context() related...
2006-11-02 vlnbServing commands, whose expected data len is less,...
2006-11-02 vlnbShowing block size added to /proc/scsi_tgt/disk_fileio...
2006-11-02 vlnbTRACE_MEM() cleanups
2006-11-02 vlnb- Fixes wrongly set context in scst_tgt_cmd_done()
2006-10-27 vlnbSmall ORDERED commands handling optimization
2006-10-27 vlnbRenamed tgt_dev_specific to dh_priv as well as all...
2006-10-26 vlnbRemoving of Module.symvers added
2006-10-26 vlnb1. Added support of 2.6.18 kernels
2006-10-26 vlnbOops, previous commit erased ERASE16. Fixed.
2006-10-26 vlnbAdded SERVICE ACTION IN in scst_scsi_op_table
2006-10-20 vlnbIn FILEIO:
2006-10-17 vlnbMore intelligent IO flow control implemented
2006-10-12 vlnb - Versions changed from "pre1" on "pre2"
2006-10-12 vlnb- Fixed dev->on_dev_count underleak
2006-10-12 vlnbInitial commit