Fixed the following checkpatch complaint:
[mirror/scst/.git] / qla2x00t / qla2x_tgt.h
2009-10-03 bvasscheFixed the following checkpatch complaint:
2009-10-03 bvasscheRemoved trailing whitespace. Verified that the output of
2009-10-01 vlnbForgotten copyrights updated
2009-09-17 vlnbSupport for 24xx+ QLA chips added to qla2x00t. So far...
2009-04-27 vlnb - Copyrights updated.
2008-11-21 vlnbCheckpatch warnings fixed
2008-07-29 vlnbCompilation if target mode disabled fixed
2008-07-23 vlnbUpdate of the initiator driver to one from kernel 2...
2008-06-12 vlnbCopyrights updated
2008-05-19 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <
2006-10-12 vlnbInitial commit