Patch from Dotan Barak <>:
[mirror/scst/.git] / scst / src / dev_handlers / scst_disk.c
2008-06-12 vlnbPatch from Dotan Barak <>:
2008-05-31 vlnbThe major TM processing cleanup in scst_user module...
2008-05-22 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <
2008-05-20 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <>:
2008-05-19 vlnbPatch from Bart Van Assche <
2008-04-17 vlnbscsi_tgt.h renamed to scst.h
2008-02-25 vlnbA bunch of pending changes:
2008-01-24 vlnb - Version protection added
2008-01-24 vlnb - A bunch of minor, mostly stability related, fixes.
2007-12-13 vlnb - Implement SN based iSCSI IO flow control
2007-12-10 vlnbPost r227 fixes and cleanups. Particulary, fixes brocke...
2007-12-07 vlnbSimple bugfix for concurrent work of several targets...
2007-11-01 vlnbCleanups, debug imporvements and minor fixes
2007-08-14 vlnb- Call of pre_unreg_sess() moved to scst_mgmt_thread...
2007-08-03 vlnb - In scst_user fixed potential deadlock
2007-04-03 vlnbVarious fixes, cleanups updates and preparations
2007-04-03 vlnbdev_done() made generic, small generic parse() optimiza...
2007-04-03 vlnbParse() functions made generic
2006-12-21 vlnb - Cleanup: masked_status deleted, use status instead
2006-12-15 vlnbUpdate to allow SCST built inside Linux kernel. Done...
2006-11-02 vlnbTRACE_MEM() cleanups
2006-11-02 vlnb- Fixes wrongly set context in scst_tgt_cmd_done()
2006-10-27 vlnbRenamed tgt_dev_specific to dh_priv as well as all...
2006-10-12 vlnbInitial commit