Stable SCST Releases

The latest stable version of SCST core is 1.0.1. It requires Linux kernel 2.6.16 or higher. More detail information you could find in its README file.

The latest development version of SCST core, target drivers and user space utilities is available directly from the project's SVN. The SCST release policy is to make stable releases once or twice a year, with the only exception if the current stable version contains a critical bug. But every commit in the SVN is carefully tested, so you can consider them as mini releases.

You can access it using either web-based SVN repository viewer or using anonymous access:

svn co

More information about accessing SVN repository may be found here.

History of the pre-SVN SCST development is available in SCST CVS repository, which is accessible using web-based CVS repository viewer or anonymous CVS access.

Stable Releases

:: scst

:: scstadmin

:: qla2x00-target

:: qla_isp

:: iscsi-scst

:: srpt

:: local

:: fileio_tgt

:: doc-src

:: qla2x00-target-24

:: scst-24