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9 <title>Old Unsupported SCST Target Drivers</title>\r
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17                 <h2 id=slogan>Generic SCSI Target Subsystem for Linux</h2>      \r
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37                                 <h1>Target Drivers</h1>\r
38                                 <ul class="sidemenu">
39                                         <li><a href="target_iscsi.html">iSCSI-SCST</a></li>
40                                         <li><a href="target_qla2x00t.html">QLogic FC QLA2X00T</a></li>
41                                         <li><a href="target_qla_isp.html">QLogic FC ISP</a></li>
42                                         <li><a href="target_srp.html">SCSI RDMA Protocol (SRP)</a></li>
43                                         <li><a href="target_mvsas.html">Marvell SAS adapters</a></li>
44                                         <li><a href="target_emulex.html">Emulex lpfc FC/FCoE adapters</a></li>
45                                         <li><a href="target_lsi.html">LSI/MPT adapters</a></li>
46                                         <li><a href="target_fcoe.html">Open-FCoE Target</a></li>\r
47                                         <li><a href="target_local.html">Local Target Driver</a></li>\r
48                                         <li><a href="target_old.html">Old Unsupported</a></li>\r
49                                 </ul>
50                                 <h1>User utilities</h1>
51                                 <ul class="sidemenu">
52                                         <li><a href="scst_admin.html">SCST Admin Utility</a></li>
53                                         <li><a href="handler_fileio_tgt.html">FILEIO_TGT handler</a></li>
54                                 </ul>\r
55                         </div>          \r
56         \r
57                         <div id="main"> \r
58                                 <h1>Old target driver for QLogic qla2x00t adapters for 2.4 kernels</h1>\r
59                                 <p><img src="images/t_unsupported.gif" width="100" height="120" class="float-left">
60                                 Old target driver for QLogic qla2x00t adapters is capable to work on 2.4 kernels. 
61                                 It has all required features and looks to be quite stable. It is designed to work in conjunction with the 
62                                 initiator driver, which is intended to perform all the initialization and shutdown tasks. In the current release as 
63                                 a base for the initiator driver was taken Red Hat's driver from the stock 2.4.20 kernel. Then it was patched to 
64                                 enable the target mode and provide all necessary callbacks, and it's still able to work as initiator only. Mode, 
65                                 when a host acts as the initiator and the target simultaneously, is also supported. This driver is obsoleted in 
66                                 favor of 2.6-based driver.</p>
67                                 <p>The latest version is Requires Linux kernel versions 2.4.20 or higher and SCST version 0.9.3-pre4 or 
68                                 higher. If you are lucky, it works also on 2.6 kernels, see README file for details. Tested on i386 only, but 
69                                 should work on any other supported by Linux platform.</p>
70                                 <p>Currently it is <strong>not supported</strong> and listed here for historical reasons only.</p>
72                                 <h1>Target drivers for Adaptec 7xxx and QLogic QLA12xx adapters</h1>
73                                 <p><img src="images/t_unsupported.gif" width="100" height="120" class="float-left">
74                                 Target drivers for Adaptec 7xxx and QLogic QLA12xx adapters have been developed by Hu Gang and they available for 
75                                 download from <a href=""></a>. 
76                                 These drivers are not completed, but looks to be a good starting point if you are going to use one of these adapters. 
77                                 SCST team don't have the appropriate hardware, therefore have not tested and don't support these drivers. 
78                                 Send all questions to <strong>Hu Gang <></strong>. If some of these drivers don't compile for 
79                                 you, try again with SCST version 0.9.3-pre2.</p><br><br>
81                                 <h1>Patches for UNH-iSCSI Target 1.5.03 and 1.6.00 to SCST</h1>
82                                 <p><img src="images/t_unsupported.gif" width="100" height="120" class="float-left">
83                                 SCST is much more advanced, than the internal mid-level of <a href="">
84                                 UNH-iSCSI target driver</a>. With SCST the iSCSI target benefits from all its features and gets ability to use all 
85                                 its advantages, like high performance and scalability, SMP support, required SCSI functionality emulation, etc.</p>
87                                 <p>Since the interface between SCST and the target drivers is based on work, done by UNH IOL, it was relatively 
88                                 simple to update UNH-iSCSI target to work over SCST. Mostly it was "search and replace" job. The built-in 
89                                 scsi_target remains available as a compile-time option.</p>
91                                 <p>Requires Linux kernel versions 2.4.20 or higher or 2.6.7 or higher and SCST version 0.9.2 or higher.</p>
92                                 <p>Currently it is <strong>not supported</strong> and listed here for historical reasons only.</p>\r
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94                         </div>
95         </div>\r
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100         <p>&copy; Copyright 2004-2009<b><font class="names"> Vladislav Bolkhovitin &amp others.</font></b>&nbsp;&nbsp;
101         Design by: <b><font class="names">Daniel Fernandes</font></b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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