Restructured PCI subsystem to fit the new device model.
[gpxe.git] / src / arch / i386 / core / pci_io.c
2006-05-16 Michael BrownRestructured PCI subsystem to fit the new device model.
2006-04-30 Michael BrownMove init.h to gpxe/init.h.
2006-04-24 Michael BrownHeader rearrangement.
2005-04-16 Michael BrownRead number of PCI buses returned by BIOS so that we...
2005-04-14 Michael BrownStandardised debug mechanism in place now.
2005-04-12 Michael Brown16-bit PCI BIOS interface also now known to work.
2005-04-12 Michael BrownImproved debug messages
2005-04-12 Michael BrownShould work for KEEP_IT_REAL as well now.
2005-04-12 Michael BrownNearly there...
2005-03-08 Michael BrownInitial revision