Tear out old heap code, replace with code that simply allocates memory
[gpxe.git] / Copyrights
1 Unless specifically noted, a file is under the GPL.  GPLed files are in
2 general either from Linux or have been explicitly put under GPL by the
3 authors.  A few files are inherited from FreeBSD netboot and therefore
4 can be used under BSD or GPL.
6 File                            Copyright status
8 core/misc.c                     BSD
9 drivers/net/3c509.c             BSD
10 drivers/net/3c509.h             BSD
11 drivers/net/3c595.c             BSD
12 drivers/net/3c595.h             BSD
13 drivers/net/3c90x.c             Open Source
14 drivers/net/epic100.c           None
15 drivers/net/epic100.h           None
16 drivers/net/ns8390.c            BSD
17 drivers/net/ns8390.h            BSD
18 drivers/net/tulip.c             BSD
19 arch/i386/include/bits/string.h None
20 util/lzhuf.c                    Open Source