[nic] Fix ZPXE_SUFFIX_STRIP compilation error
[etherboot.git] / src / core / nic.c
2010-09-05 Marty Connor[nic] Fix ZPXE_SUFFIX_STRIP compilation error master
2009-01-22 David Edmondson[core] Fix wrapping of tftp block index
2007-05-19 marty_connorTFTP fixes compliments of Bernhard Kauer
2006-09-29 espenlaubback out "quick boot" fix that broke ProxyDHCP (+whites...
2006-04-19 marty_connorUpdates to -DPXE_DHCP_STRICT from Roland Kuhn
2006-02-13 espenlaubVarious patches, see request ID 1393646 in the Etherboo...
2005-08-29 marty_connorZPXE_SUFFIX_STRIP hack for problem DHCP servers
2005-05-31 mcb30Fix for NO_DHCP_SUPPORT contributed by Helge Wagner...
2005-04-04 ken_yapChoice of name core for directories is unfortunate... v5.4.0