5.4.3pre2 version increment
[etherboot.git] / src /
2007-02-20 marty_connor5.4.3pre2 version increment
2007-02-20 marty_connortg3 driver updates from Ryan Jackson
2007-02-19 marty_connorpatches from Tim Fletcher and Per Jessen for gcc 4...
2007-02-18 natalie_pAdded support for the Broadcom NetXtreme II. Ported...
2007-02-14 marty_connorforcedeth driver updates from JJochen KÃuhner \(origina...
2006-09-29 espenlaubfix typo
2006-09-29 espenlaubwhitespace + minor typo fixes
2006-09-29 espenlaubavoid forcing support of tagged images when PXE only...
2006-09-29 espenlaubback out "quick boot" fix that broke ProxyDHCP (+whites...
2006-09-29 espenlaubsave more power (+whitespace)
2006-09-29 espenlaubsave/restore original stack location (+whitespace)
2006-09-29 espenlaubdon't create unnecessary dependency on disk boot stuff
2006-09-29 espenlaubfix receive buffer usage
2006-09-08 mcb30Bugfix from Natalie Protasevich; not sure what the...
2006-09-07 mcb30Fix building with more recent versions of the GNU assem...
2006-06-14 natalie_pAdded support for the 80003ES2LAN Gigabit Ethernet...
2006-06-13 natalie_pFixed receive buffer overflow on driver unload, which...
2006-04-27 elic307fix cleanup flow for memfree devices
2006-04-20 marty_connorUpdate version after 5.4.2 release
2006-04-19 marty_connoradded e1000 variant
2006-04-19 marty_connorfixed conditionals for CFG_3C90X_BOOTROM_FIX
2006-04-19 marty_connorminor typo update
2006-04-19 marty_connorUpdates to -DPXE_DHCP_STRICT from Roland Kuhn
2006-04-19 marty_connorUpdate version for 5.4.2 release
2006-04-19 marty_connorMake it clear that TFTP support is required for PXE...
2006-03-30 marty_connorfix minor typo
2006-03-28 mcb30Add 1us delay after reading event from event FIFO;...
2006-03-28 mcb30Replaced the original (buggy) EF1 EEPROM code with...
2006-03-27 mcb30Synced up the EF1 initialisation sequence with changes...
2006-03-27 mcb30Speeded up the reset logic:
2006-03-27 mcb30Fix error "Local symbol `SYSSIZE' can't be equated...
2006-03-26 marty_connorfixes nterpretation of the client identifier role in...
2006-03-25 timleggeCleanup via-velocity and enable multicast
2006-03-25 glenn_brownNew myri10ge driver
2006-03-23 glenn_brownReviewed by: Marty Conner <mdc@etherboot.org>, \
2006-03-19 marty_connorAdd cvs-tarball target to make clean tarballs from...
2006-03-16 mcb30Added driver for Level 5 NICs
2006-03-14 glenn_brownReviewed by: Marty Conner <mdc@etherboot.org>, \
2006-03-08 timleggeNew via-velocity Gigabit driver
2006-02-13 espenlaubVarious patches, see request ID 1393646 in the Etherboo...
2006-02-10 timleggeCommit patch to Inifiniband support and additional...
2006-01-07 timleggeCommitted patch from Eli Cohen for Mellanox Technologie...
2005-11-23 timleggeUpdate to RTL8169_VERSION 2.2 <2004/08/09>
2005-09-07 marty_connor5.4.1 updates for make allhds/allzhds v5.4.1
2005-08-31 marty_connor5.4.1 updates, driver patch updates
2005-08-31 marty_connor5.4.1 updates, hd booting
2005-08-31 marty_connorsupport for booting from hd partition
2005-08-29 mcb30Make the "unhandled 64-bit BAR" message slightly more...
2005-08-29 marty_connorPreparing for 5.4.1 Release
2005-08-29 marty_connorZPXE_SUFFIX_STRIP hack for problem DHCP servers
2005-08-29 marty_connorZPXE_SUFFIX_STRIP hack for problem DHCP servers
2005-08-01 yhlumake filo compiled in x86_64 Linux, and make bin/tg3...
2005-07-19 timleggeRemove Revision 1.6 change, broke freebsd and memtest
2005-07-11 gbaumReorder functions to match the linux driver.
2005-06-24 timleggeDisable interrupts patch from Krzysztof Lichota
2005-06-17 timleggeFix COMET TxUnderrun issue
2005-06-02 timlegge Jan Kiszka provided a patch for the smc9000 for missin...
2005-05-31 mcb30Fix for NO_DHCP_SUPPORT contributed by Helge Wagner...
2005-05-19 timleggeRemove relocation changes from 5.1 not required for...
2005-05-18 timleggeAdditional Cleanup
2005-05-18 yhluforcedeth valid link
2005-05-18 yhlufinally forcedeth works
2005-05-18 yhluforcedeth delay 3000ms ?
2005-05-18 yhlumake forcedeth work with CK804
2005-05-17 timleggeMissed some changes
2005-05-17 timleggeMissed some mii_rw changes
2005-05-15 timleggeDefines for u8,s8,u16,s16... moved to stdint.h
2005-05-15 timleggeFix typos
2005-05-15 timleggeremove defines moved to stdint.h
2005-05-15 timleggeFix PCI_ROM typos
2005-05-15 timleggeFix PCI_ROM after indent
2005-05-15 timleggeremove defines moved to stdint.h
2005-05-15 timleggeremove defines moved to stdint.h
2005-05-15 timleggeDefines for u8,s8,u16,s16... moved to stdint.h
2005-05-15 timleggeremove defines moved to stdint.h
2005-05-15 timleggeUpdate support to linux 2.6.10 changes - Untested
2005-05-04 timleggePatch from Hermann Gausterer for tg3
2005-04-21 timleggePatch for Sporadic eepro(10) RX problems after reboot...
2005-04-21 timleggeLiu Tao contributed a driver for the AMD8111
2005-04-16 stappersMartin Vogt patch for Fujitsu Siemens bcm 5751
2005-04-16 tobylorenz- support for RMII PHYs
2005-04-16 tobylorenz- support for RMII PHYs
2005-04-14 tobylorenzTX1..4 --> TX[4]
2005-04-14 tobylorenzMinor enhancements.
2005-04-10 tobylorenz- updates from the linux network driver
2005-04-10 tobylorenzP2001_EU0..3 is now a macro P2001_EU(0..3)
2005-04-10 tobylorenzp2001_eth is now using mii.h
2005-04-04 ken_yapForce retention of bin directory.
2005-04-04 ken_yapChoice of name core for directories is unfortunate... v5.4.0
2005-04-02 ken_yapInitial revision