5.4.3pre2 version increment
[etherboot.git] / LOG
2006-09-29 espenlaubdocument my changes
2006-06-14 natalie_pAdded LOG entry for e1000 update with 80003ES2LAN coppe...
2006-04-19 marty_connorUpdate for 5.4.2 release
2006-03-30 marty_connorUpdates for 5.4.2 Release
2006-03-25 glenn_brownNew myri10ge driver
2006-03-17 mcb30Added LOG entry for etherfabric driver
2006-03-08 timleggeNew via-velocity Gigabit driver
2006-02-14 espenlauboops, misunderstood the order of entries.
2006-02-14 espenlaubCredits for patches by Klaus Espenlaub.
2006-02-10 timleggeCommit patch to Inifiniband support and additional...
2006-01-07 timleggeCommitted patch from Eli Cohen for Mellanox Technologie...
2005-08-31 marty_connor5.4.1 updates
2005-08-29 marty_connorPreparing for 5.4.1 Release
2005-06-24 timleggeLog updates
2005-06-02 timlegge Jan Kiszka provided a patch for the smc9000 for missin...
2005-05-19 timleggeLog updates for forcedeth and eepro updates
2005-05-04 timleggePatch from Hermann Gausterer for tg3
2005-04-21 timleggePatch for Sporadic eepro(10) RX problems after reboot...
2005-04-21 timleggeLiu Tao contributed a driver for the AMD8111
2005-04-16 stappersMartin Vogt patch for Fujitsu Siemens bcm 5751
2005-04-02 ken_yapInitial revision