Add Example for EFI_BROWSER_ACTION_RETRIEVE callback
[efi/edk2/.git] / edk2 / MdeModulePkg / Universal / DriverSampleDxe / Vfr.vfr
2009-11-13 lgao4Add Example for EFI_BROWSER_ACTION_RETRIEVE callback
2009-10-19 lgao4Add the example for default opcode usage.
2009-04-17 lgao4Update HiiLib to copy all IfrOpcode, not Opcode by...
2009-04-13 lgao4Update UefiHiiLib to support new defined IFR related...
2008-11-04 qwang12Sync in bug fix from EDK I:
2008-09-02 qwang12Merged in the bug fixes from EDK I.
2008-05-22 qwang12Add a reference of 2nd buffer storage in a formset.
2008-05-21 jwang36Changed the default value for the same var to be the...
2008-05-14 qwang12Add in example on
2008-04-11 vanjeff1. add public functions header.
2008-01-21 qwang12UEFI HII: Merge UEFI HII support changes from branch.