Fix a bug to identify all installed PPIs
[efi/basetools/.git] / toolsetup.bat
2009-09-11 vanjeffsync with EDK II maintrunk.
2009-07-17 lgao4Remove unnecessary binary tool checkin log.
2009-07-17 lgao4Check in the tools executables for
2009-07-09 ajfishAdded support for the ARM processor type
2008-02-21 lhauchUpdated the file to build tools from BASE_TOOLS_PATH...
2007-12-03 jljustenadded BaseTools/Makefile
2007-10-25 jwang36Fixed the "rebuild" failure issue
2007-09-27 htaoadd to fpd2dsc.exe build in toolsetup.bat...
2007-09-03 jwang361) Updated BuildNotes.txt
2007-09-03 jwang361) Made VfrCompile buildable
2007-08-31 lhauchMoved tool_setup scripts to Source directory, added...