Fix GCC4.3 build break
[efi/basetools/.git] / Source / C / VfrCompile / VfrCompiler.cpp
2010-01-11 lgao4Fix GCC4.3 build break
2009-12-31 lgao4Fix GCC warning for GenFv and VfrCompiler tool
2009-12-30 lgao4Fix compiler warning!
2009-10-19 lgao41. Enhance GenFw tool to merge HII binary package into...
2009-05-25 lgao4Add the checking to the input parameter of tools.
2009-04-10 qhuang8Temporary rollback r1547 change for more investigation.
2009-04-09 qhuang8Enchance the VfrCompiler error handling.
2009-02-28 jwang36Fixed compile failure in cygwin
2008-12-04 jwang36Added a feature to print out storage layout in lst...
2008-09-03 lgao4Only Check the buffer var store CheckBox question to...
2008-08-12 lgao4Enhance VfrCompiler to handle framework vfr file, and...
2008-04-15 lgao4Add Doxygen Format File header for these C source files.
2008-03-19 lgao4Correct Error Message according to Tool design spec.
2008-02-26 jljustenBaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile/VfrCompiler.cpp:
2008-02-25 jwang36Changed the command line options
2008-02-21 jljustenBaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile/VfrFormPkg.cpp:
2008-02-21 jwang36Standardized the command line options.
2008-02-20 jwang36Merged UEFI support from R8 tree