Fix the bug to support PI not compressed compression section.
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2010-02-26 lgao4Fix the bug to support PI not compressed compression...
2008-05-09 jwang36Support incremental build
2008-03-13 hche10x1. Rename to
2007-12-14 jljustenmodified BaseTools/Source/Python/GenFds/
2007-11-05 jlin16Detect region out of order or overlap.
2007-10-16 jlin16Change FvAddress.inf to FV\Ffs directory.
2007-10-15 jlin16coding style change.
2007-09-29 jlin16Add feature of MACRO support in FDF file.
2007-09-07 jlin16bug-fixing for rule update.
2007-09-05 qouyangSync with FDF update.
2007-08-30 lhauchSet the py files to executable
2007-07-27 qouyangGenFds Tool:Remove some unused code and replace Print...
2007-07-26 qouyangGenFds Tool: Add FdfClassObject.
2007-07-13 jwang36Added from python source root