descriptionpravin (less1) gpxe repository
last changeSat, 23 Jan 2010 02:19:23 +0000 (20:19 -0600)
2010-01-23 Pravin ShindeMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://pravin@git.etherboot... master
2010-01-23 Pravin ShindeMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-01-23 John 'Warthog9... Fixing location of isolinux.bin
2010-01-21 Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Keep multiple DHCP offers received, and use...
2010-01-21 Bernhard Kohl[pci] Save and restore PCI command register
2010-01-20 gL2n30Y06arv2[ftp] User and password URI support for the FTP protocol
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[uri] Decode/encode URIs when parsing/unparsing
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[settings] Add automagic "netX" settings block for...
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[prefix] Add .xrom prefix for a ROM that loads itself...
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[config] Make PXE stack a compile-time option
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[pxe] Support cached DHCP packets in .kkpxe images
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Add generic facility for using cached network...
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[pxe] Separate parent PXE API caller from UNDINET driver
2010-01-20 Joshua Oreman[linker] Add safe weak symbol macros
2010-01-19 Marty Connor[contrib] Add README file to rom-o-matic
2010-01-18 Stefan Hajnoczi[tftp] Abort requests with error code 0
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