2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Make malloc and linux_umalloc valgrindable linux
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add the linuxlibc platform
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add the tap driver
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add command line arguments
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add device and driver model
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[settings] Export find_setting
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add empty smbios
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add nap
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add umalloc
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add uaccess
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add timer
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add console
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add most of the linux api
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add linux_syscall
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add linux api headers
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add linuxprefix
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[dhcp] Use i386-pcbios DHCP options on linux
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[linux] Add linux platform skeleton
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[build] Only add fd0 MEDIA if dsk is there
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[build] Add everything target
2010-08-15 Piotr Jaroszyński[build] Properly handle multiple goals per BIN directory
2010-08-04 Piotr Jaroszyński[build] Build pcbios specific drivers only on pcbios
2010-08-04 Piotr Jaroszyński[io] Move get_memmap() to the I/O API group
2010-08-01 Lars Kellogg... [dhcp] Allow multiple interfaces in dhcp command
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Allow out-of-order receive queue to be discarded
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[malloc] Add cache discard mechanism
2010-08-01 Piotr Jaroszyński[tcp] Fix a 64bit compile time error
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Handle out-of-order received packets
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Treat ACKs as sent only when successfully transmitted
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Merge boolean flags into a single "flags" field
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Use a dedicated timer for the TIME_WAIT state
2010-08-01 Guo-Fu Tseng[hci] Continue processing while prompting for shell...
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[cmdline] Fix inconsistent and ugly code formatting...
2010-08-01 Guo-Fu Tseng[tcp] Randomize TCP bind port
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Fix typos by changing ntohl() to htonl() where...
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Store local port in host byte order
2010-08-01 Michael Brown[tcp] Update received sequence number before delivering...
2010-08-01 Geoff Lywood[comboot] Run com32 programs with a valid IDT
2010-08-01 Geoff Lywood[efi] Fix the 32-bit version of elf2efi64
2010-08-01 Andrei Faur[forcedeth] Replace driver with native gPXE driver
2010-07-30 Joshua Oreman[string] Use 64-bit registers in assembly memswap(...
2010-07-30 Joshua Oreman[802.11] Fix a use-after-free
2010-07-30 Joshua Oreman[802.11] Use correct name for sec80211_detect()
2010-07-17 Piotr Jaroszyński[settings] Unregister the children when unregistering...
2010-07-17 Stefan Hajnoczi[virtio] Replace virtio-net with native gPXE driver
2010-07-17 Stefan Hajnoczi[errcode] Remove unused contrib/errcode scripts
2010-07-14 Stefan Hajnoczi[compiler] Mark weak functions noinline
2010-07-11 Piotr Jaroszyński[image] Fix a memleak in free_image()
2010-07-10 Michael Brown[tcp] Fix potential use-after-free when accessing times...
2010-07-10 Alessandro... [refcnt] Fix embedded image building
2010-07-09 Andrei Faur[pcnet32] Fix pcnet32_wio_reset() bug
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Do not check for BBS compatibility
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Avoid hard-coding the path to perl
2010-07-07 Geoff Lywood[efi] Build gPXE script support into EFI binaries by...
2010-07-07 Joshua Oreman[refcnt] Add ref_no_free handler
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[retry] Use start_timer_fixed() instead of direct timeo...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[retry] Add timer_init() wrapper function
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[refcnt] Add ref_init() wrapper function
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[errdb] Add script to build error database
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[libc] Enable automated extraction of error usage reports
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[process] Hold reference to process during call to...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[qib7322] Fix whitespace errors
2010-07-07 Shao Miller[qib7322] Fix uninitialized variables warning
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[pxe] Remove obsolete pxe_errortab.c
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[efi] Tidy up output of EFI header import script
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[legal] Add FILE_LICENCE declarations to EFI header...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[efi] Synchronise EFI header files
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Remove PACKED macro
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Add rtl8139.rom to the default build target...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Inhibit "skipping incompatible" message from ld
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[qib7322] Add support for QLogic 7322 HCA
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[pxe] Treat PXENV_RESTART_TFTP as unreturnable
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[lacp] Add simple LACP implementation
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Fix building with binutils 2.16
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Add .mrom format, allowing loading of large...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Replace obsolete with quick script...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[main] Match "starting execution" and "initialising...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Inhibit the use of relocation during POST
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Split PMM allocations for image source...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Use area at top of INT 15,88 memory map for...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[pcbios] Always show INT 15,88 result under DEBUG=memmap
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[build] Generate random build identifier
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Provide indication of successful call to...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Default to 1MB mark as fallback high memory...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[relocate] Remove the even megabyte constraint
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[librm] Use libflat to enable A20 line on each real...
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Add A20-enabling code in libflat
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Move flatten_real_mode to libflat.S
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Move flatten_real_mode to .text16.early
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Add .text16.early section
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Use flat real mode for access to high memory
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[prefix] Use flat real mode instead of real mode
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Remove .hrom prefix
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[romprefix] Remove .xrom prefix
2010-06-29 Marty Connor[release] Update version to 1.0.1+ post release
2010-06-29 Michael Brown[tls] Handle multiple handshake records
2010-06-29 Geoff Lywood[pcnet32] Fix uninitialised variable
2010-06-24 Andrei Faur[r8169] Remove r8169 driver cfg lookup, use pci_device_...
2010-06-24 Glenn Brown[myri10ge] Add NonVolatile Option (nvo) support
2010-06-24 Glenn Brown[Settings] Add setting deletion (Ctrl-D) interface