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last changeWed, 25 Nov 2009 17:24:24 +0000 (12:24 -0500)
2009-11-25 Thomas Miletich[e1000] Enable interrupts in a more UNDI compatible way master
2009-11-22 Thomas Miletich[eepro100] Convert to native gPXE API
2009-11-22 Alex Williamson[e1000] Use the alternate MAC in NVRAM when available
2009-11-22 Thomas Miletich[e1000] Implement zero-copy receive
2009-11-21 Shao Miller[e820mangler] Add missing CLC ins. for success path
2009-11-21 sobtwmxt[uri] Fix outdated comment in parse_uri()
2009-11-21 Joshua Oreman[linker] Add mechanism for subsystem-dependent configur...
2009-11-21 Joshua Oreman[linker] Expand and correct symbol requirement macros
2009-11-21 Joshua Oreman[pxebs] Consistently interpret PXE type field as little...
2009-11-18 Michael Brown[int13] Guard against BIOSes that "fix" the drive count
2009-11-18 Michael Brown[int13] Fix number of sectors returned by INT 13,15
2009-11-18 Michael Brown[autoboot] Ensure that an error message is always print...
2009-11-16 Michael Brown[linda] Re-import the latest register definitions
2009-11-16 Michael Brown[susieq] Update to handle SusieQ definitions
2009-11-16 Michael Brown[linda] Wait up to 20us for link state to update
2009-11-16 Michael Brown[ipoib] Mask out non-QPN bits in the IPoIB destination...
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