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last changeMon, 31 Aug 2009 18:33:55 +0000 (19:33 +0100)
2009-08-31 Michael Brown[job] Report progress of downloader jobs via job_progress() master
2009-08-31 Michael Brown[job] Add missing job_progress() interface method
2009-08-17 Joshua Oreman[ath5k] Remove spurious debugging check
2009-08-11 Michael Brown[802.11] Support multicast hashing
2009-08-11 Joshua Oreman[802.11] Properly initialize autoassociation process
2009-08-11 Michael Brown[dhcp] Fall back to using the hardware address to popul...
2009-08-11 Michael Brown[netdevice] Allow the hardware and link-layer addresses...
2009-08-11 Michael Brown[netdevice] Separate out the concept of hardware and...
2009-08-11 Michael Brown[doc] Expand scope of doxygen-generated documentation
2009-08-11 Joshua Oreman[zbin] Change fixup semantics to support ROMs over...
2009-08-11 Michael Brown[doc] Update doxygen.cfg to match version running on...
2009-08-10 Michael Brown[infiniband] Add support for the SRP Boot Firmware...
2009-08-10 Michael Brown[infiniband] Disambiguate CM connection rejection reasons
2009-08-10 Michael Brown[infiniband] Allow SRP reconnection attempts even after...
2009-08-10 Michael Brown[infiniband] Generate more specific errors in response...
2009-08-10 Michael Brown[infiniband] Add support for SRP over Infiniband
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