descriptionDrV's gPXE repository
last changeFri, 19 Sep 2008 16:46:07 +0000 (17:46 +0100)
2008-09-19 Michael Brown[iscsi] Change default initiator name prefix to "iqn... master
2008-09-12 Michael Brown[undi] Scan for UNDI ROMs on 512-byte boundaries rather...
2008-09-07 Michael Brown[util] Disable automatic CR->LF conversion in serial...
2008-09-07 Michael Brown[pcbios] Add extra debugging messages relating to the...
2008-09-07 Michael Brown[contrib] Bring bochs/qemu READMEs up to date with...
2008-09-06 Michael Brown[pxe] Add a dummy PXENV+ entry point at UNDI_CS:0000
2008-09-06 Michael Brown[multiboot] Allow for unspecified {load,bss}_end_addr...
2008-09-04 Eygene Ryabinkin[util] Avoid calling fclose(NULL) in zbin.c
2008-09-04 Eygene Ryabinkin[libprefix] Add addr32 prefix required by older assemblers
2008-08-28 Daniel Verkamp[comboot] Add COMBOOT and COM32 support
2008-08-28 Daniel Verkamp[librm] Add rm stack copying functions
2008-08-28 Daniel Verkamp[librm] Make rm_sp and rm_ss globals again
2008-08-28 Daniel Verkamp[libc] Mark setjmp and longjmp as __cdecl
2008-08-27 Michael Brown[pxe] Fill in UNDIROMID pointer in !PXE structure
2008-08-27 Michael Brown[romprefix] Add UNDI ROMID structure bus type field
2008-08-27 Michael Brown[phantom] Fix P3 B1 silicon bug workaround
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