descriptionMain Etherboot 5.4 repository
last changeSun, 5 Sep 2010 20:47:29 +0000 (16:47 -0400)
2010-09-05 Marty Connor[nic] Fix ZPXE_SUFFIX_STRIP compilation error master
2009-04-16 Marty Connor[build] Remove gentle reminder for now
2009-04-16 Marty Connor[drivers] Fix duplicate PCI_ROM entry in r8169.c
2009-04-16 Michael BrownProvide a gentle hint to use gPXE instead of Etherboot.
2009-03-22 Marty Connor[r1869] Remove testing printf
2009-03-21 Marty Connor[r8169] Rewrite of the r8169 driver
2009-01-22 David Edmondson[core] Fix wrapping of tftp block index
2008-10-16 Eduardo Habkost[virtio-net] Fix kick/wait logic
2008-09-26 Marty Connor[release] Update version post release to 5.4.4+
2008-09-26 Marty Connor[release] Update version information for 5.4.4 release v5.4.4
2008-08-01 Laurent Vivier[virtio] Add virtio-net driver
2008-07-01 Marty Connor[util] Make mtools test for .liso images more flexible
2008-03-19 Marty Connor]Drivers] Update licensing for cs89x0.[ch] and cs89x0.txt
2007-12-07 Marty ConnorFix bug where loading of PXE files that happen to be...
2007-08-30 Marty Connoradd bin/.gitignore file
2007-08-30 Marty Connorgcc 4.1 natsemi (volatile u32) fix from Vampyre
10 years ago v5.4.4
12 years ago v5.4.3
12 years ago v5.4.2
13 years ago v5.4.1
13 years ago v5.4.0
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